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The Definition of ROI: Robotics, Automation & Value in Manufacturing

“Return On Investment” is truly the holy grail of business evaluators.

Regardless the industry, an investment into your company is made with one idea in mind; enhance performance in the most lucrative, efficient ways possible. In our tech driven world, an ROI needs to come quickly as consumer demand & technology developments move just as fast, if not faster. The industrial manufacturing & warehousing worlds are particularly in tune with this. Their efficiency is our economic pulse in 2022. 

This belief in mind, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of industrial robots, collaborative robots, and autonomous mobile robots being integrated in manufacturing facilities all throughout the world. The reason? Robotic automation has a timely payoff. In 2018, Acieta Chairman & CEO Robby Komljenovic published an article regarding how companies are calculating these investments. Komljenovic wrote “When considering a new robotic automation system, one of the biggest concerns can be the weight of the initial costs. While such a large capital expense may be hard to swallow at first, it’s industry-proven that manufacturers see an average ROI of 24 months from robots.” 

The topic of capital investment is perhaps the most interesting element of that statement because it’s the biggest roadblock standing before robotic integration. In the eyes of manufacturers, financial concern of upfront investment often overshadows the true value of the gains netted from robotics. Fortunately, Perrysburg OH’s RōBEX has heard the concerns and are meeting companies needs with their multiple options.

RōBEX is a Certified Systems Integrator & robotic engineering company whose “all-star roster” is shaping how companies see automation…and they’re providing cost-effective ways to venture onto that path. “We speak with hundreds of companies a year who are desperate to improve production efficiencies but are afraid to pull the trigger on robotics. To remedy that fear, we’ve created our RōBEX FLEXX™ program that allows a customer to take that step without the fear of the upfront capital investment. RōBEX FLEXX™ is an industry-unique program (Patent Pending) that establishes a monthly technology licensing fee which allows customers access to the latest automation technology via our proprietary systems. It promises important productivity benefits, while eliminating upfront capital investment. Not only does this technology licensing program offer tremendous value, it is not considered a capital lease.”

Bowers explained further. “FLEXX gives you access to the best robotics has to offer from our incredible partners at FANUC, Mobile Industrial Robots, AutoGuide, & Plus One Robotics. With the fear of the initial investment out of the way, you’ll see a swift returns in efficiency & productivity. Our team can help integrate a solution customized to your exact needs. In addition to this, we’re adding layers to our FLEXX program by creating kits that come with an affordable monthly fee & a fast turnaround time on integration. We feel this is a true measurable route to an ROI that benefits our customer and our customer’s customer.”

To learn more, contact RōBEX today. 


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