The Beauty of Technology Licensing

Each month the list of manufacturers, packaging operations, and warehousing facilities that are not employing industrial robotic automation gets shorter.

We know that the future of manufacturing will include extensive robotic automation, driven by an impressive range of constantly evolving industrial and collaborative robotic devices. The proof is in the numbers: Industrial Robots improve both productivity and safety. So why is it that more companies have not yet embraced industrial robotic automation? One possible answer: capital constraints.

Financial resource management has always been fraught with challenges. Perrysburg OH robotic automation integrator RōBEX understands those challenges and created a unique Technology Licensing Program called FLEXX™ to expand the automation opportunity.  The most important element to this program is no capital investment required. So, a customer’s desired robotic automation system can be engineered, designed, delivered and integrated into your production process without delay. 

“Here’s how it works.  RōBEX FLEXX™ is the patented industry-unique program that establishes a monthly technology licensing fee to allow customers access to the latest automation technology while we retain ownership of the system. The result: significant productivity improvements and elimination of upfront capital investment. This technology licensing program offers tremendous value and it is not considered a capital lease”, explained Vice President of Growth Cal Bowers.

Bowers continued. “Advanced technology and autonomous robots can be expensive and capital is often constrained. At the same time, the challenge is to safely improve productivity, lower costs and improve bottom-line results. That’s why we created this Technology Licensing Program.  FLEXX™ makes enormous sense today given the lingering effects of the pandemic, supply chain issues, inflationary pressures and the shortage of skilled workers.   

The beauty of this technology licensing program is that it changes the way intelligent production systems & industrial robotics systems are financed, serviced, and warrantied, leading to a stronger bond with our customers. This partnership typically results in improved productivity, efficiency, and revenue with no capital investment. It is truly a win-win situation.”

RōBEX is a nationally-known Certified Systems Integrator for FANUC® industrial robots and collaborative robots (cobots), MiR® autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), Seegrid® mobile robots, AutoGuide mobile robots, SVT Robotics® and Plus One Robotics® vision systems.  They are a dynamic, growing organization with a deep bench of innovative robotic automation experts–electrical and mechanical engineers, technicians, software specialists, programmers and more.   

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