RōBEX designs, engineers and manufactures a wide spectrum of material handling equipment. Throughout industry, automated solutions like these are transforming manufacturing, finishing, assembly and packaging operations--lowering costs and improving quality. RōBEX experience and expertise in advanced automation means comprehensive system design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and workforce engagement.


RōBEX can design, engineer and install pallet conveyors for not only standard sizes, but for those weighing several thousand pounds. Multiple forklift transfers require these conveyors be strong, flexible and durable.


Industrial turntables position loads for processing or packaging. RōBEX can design, engineer, build and install, with the turntable loading process (rolled, slid or picked) and weight capacity as critical design elements.


Efficiently moving production pieces between machines depends on size shape, distance and more. Conveyors, rail cars or extended range robots are possible solutions. RōBEX will evaluate and install what works best.


RōBEX sortation conveyors vary based by sort rate (30-200 CPM) and whether mechanically or electronically tracked (PLCs, relays, computers.) Automated systems use robotic tracking, stacking and moving.


Automatic pallet dispensers eliminate the need for humans in palletizing lines, robotic work cells, order picking and selecting. RōBEX can design, engineer and install the system that is optimal for your application.


Moving heavy loads to work stations, machines or palletizing operations is ideally suited to chain conveyors. RōBEX has propriety chain conveyor designs or will design/fabricate what meets your needs.


The ability to stack two pallets and safely maneuver them will significantly reduce production/operation time. RōBEX can engineer and produce exactly what you need to optimize your operation.


Thanks to our highly skilled problem-solving engineering team, RōBEX can design, engineer and produce a wide range of custom in-plant material handling equipment. Give us a call and let’s discuss your needs.



Get to know our people, experience and capabilities and you’ll want to make RōBEX your automation/robotics partner. As system integrators, we work with FANUC & KUKA industrial robots as well as collaborative and autonomous mobile robots. We thrive on challenging new opportunities.

KUKA Robotics
Fanuc Robotics
Universal Robotics
Mobile Industrial Robotics
Fanuc Robotics
KUKA Robotics


Our working partnerships with the world’s leading robot manufacturers means Automotive Suppliers and manufacturers in Beverage, Food, Container, Building Products, & Tissue industries have access to an incredible range of automation solutions. Count on RōBEX to integrate the power of robotic automation to optimize your production line.

RōBEX can specify, install, program and fully integrate FANUC and KUKA industrial robots. We deliver manufacturing/production solutions.

  • Palletizing
  • Depalletizing
  • Pick & Place
  • Case Packing
  • Machine Tending
  • Custom Robotic Systems
Fanuc KUKA Robotics
Mobile Industrial Robotics


RōBEX is a Certified System Integrator for MiR autonomous mobile robots. MiRs can transport virtually anything and plug themselves in for re-charging. Logistics are simplified, workflow optimized, productivity increased, and costs reduced. MiR robots are easily programmable to transport pallets and loads of all sizes.


MiR1000 is the newest heavyweight champ which can transport heavy payloads of up to 2200 lbs (1000 kg) in dynamic environments. Perfect for moving larger parts and components in-plant.


MiR500 is the heavy-duty robot designed to transport pallets and loads of up to 1100 lbs (500 kg). It features laser-scanning technology for optimum safety and efficiency.


MiR200 is the flexible mobile robot that transports up to 440 lbs (200 kg), manuvers around any obstacles and can be easily redeployed


MiR100 transports up to 220 lbs (100 kg) and can be fitted with bins, racks, lifts, conveyors and even a cobot to meet your application needs.


MiRHook100 and MiRHook200 are designed for automatic pick-up and drop-off of industrial carts weighing up to 1100 lbs (500 kg) and are ideal for warehouse, manufacturing and hospital environments.

Count on RōBEX experience and expertise to design and engineer the optimal workflow solution to improve product quality, productivity and safety while reducing ongoing costs.

Universal Robotics


Ready for us to “install” your next employee? Cobots typically support large robotic installations but can automate many repetitive tasks for even smaller manufacturers. These 6-axis industrial cobots improve efficiencies and reduce costs but speed and separation monitoring must occur first. As a Certified System Integrator for the world’s finest collaborative robots, we know that a risk assessment is critical for safe operation. Cobots are one example of the RōBEX mission to provide innovative, valued-added, technology-based solutions.


UR3e automates tasks up to 6.6 lbs. and has a reach radius of up to 19.7 in.


UR5e automates task up to 11 lbs. and has a reach radius of up to 33.5 in.


UR10e automates tasks up to 22 lbs. and has a reach radius of up to 51.2 in.

Programming Is Easy: No experience is required to setup and operate a cobot thanks to embedded intuitive, 3D visualization.

Ready To Work: Install that new employee in less than an hour. These tireless workers are easy to unpack, mount and program to task.

Amazing Return On Investment: Payback is often 6 months or less, bringing automation well within reach for most companies.

Flexible Deployment: Lightweight cobots can be easily moved to new tasks or applications without major changes to production layout.

Proven Safety: Repetitive strain and accidental injuries are virtually eliminated. Most cobots operate without fencing, but an operational safety review is always recommended.

Cobot Financing

LEASE RōBEX Collaborative Robot technology for less than you imagine. Follow this link to see all the options available to help you streamline your repetitive motion tasks.


Robots “love” any repetitive task, from palletizing and depalletizing to handling, assembly, gluing, labeling, packaging and more. RōBEX brings extensive industry knowledge, experience and in-plant expertise to ensure your transition to robotic integration will be wildly successful.


In some ways, they’re “dance lessons”. RōBEX has the experience and specialized engineering expertise to install and integrate industrial and collaborative robots and program them for specific tasks. Robot-based automation makes wise economic sense for hundreds of industries.


Industrial robots and collaborative robots typically need purpose-built end-of-arm tools (EOATs) to perform specific tasks. RōBEX can design, engineer and fabricate the precise tools required, from sorting and stacking to labeling, packaging and hundreds of other tasks.