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RōBEX, Plus One Robotics Form Partnership

RōBEX, a system integrator designing and building automation solutions company formed a partnership with Plus One Robotics, a high-performing 3D and AI-powered vision software manufacturer for logistics robots.

“We’re excited to partner with Plus One Robotics. This partnership enables us to offer customers a sophisticated system that substantially improves robotic eye-hand coordination in pick and place and depalletizing applications for warehouse and distribution centers. The wide variability of shapes and sizes of materials handled in the warehouse can be easily and reliably addressed. In addition, customers can benefit from Plus One’s approach to supervised autonomy in the form of Crew Chiefs, remote robot supervisors that manage exceptions 24/7,” said Craig Francisco, President of RōBEX LLC.

“RōBEX brings years of experience integrating robotics applications in warehouses and distribution centers, with a strong track record of long-term customer satisfaction. With this partnership, we’re able to get customers up and running with scalable, automated solutions that improve efficiencies and high-quality throughput,” added Brent Barcey, VP Business Development, Plus One Robotics.

Originally posted on on May 19, 2021, written by RōBEX.

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