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RōBEX Launches Automation Education Series

RōBEX LLC, announces the launch of Automation For The NOW, a new educational video series on YouTube. Viewers will receive a firsthand look at how RōBEX is introducing robotic automation into the manufacturing workspace.

Craig Francisco, President of RōBEX LLC stated, “RōBEX recognized that there’s no easy way to start the process, so the idea of a no-cost video series seems very appropriate. For our current customers, the benefits of automation include employee safety, lowered costs and greatly improved productivity with an attractive ROI. We’re hoping this new video series answers a number of basic questions for all those interested.”

Manufacturers are invited to watch Automation For The NOW on the RōBEX YouTube Channel, where new segments will be introduced throughout the year.

Originally posted on on April 7, 2021, written by RōBEX.

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