Featured image for “Engineering Students Learning On-The-Job”

Engineering Students Learning On-The-Job

Robotic Automation Integrators providing a platform for necessary experience to engineering academia. On October 7th, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine made…
Featured image for “Embracing Industry 4.0 Through Automation”

Embracing Industry 4.0 Through Automation

Robotics and Automation lead the way for the next big manufacturing boom. In recent years, we’ve seen increasing buzz in…
Featured image for “Automating “The Final Mile” In Manufacturing”

Automating “The Final Mile” In Manufacturing

Increased demand from consumers is leading to an urgent push for robotic efficiency to meet consumer need. Manufacturers in the…
Featured image for “Supply Chain Issues Seek Relief In Robotics”

Supply Chain Issues Seek Relief In Robotics

With the lingering problems of supply chain delays, can automation help prevent industry shutdowns long term? Some learning experiences are…
Featured image for “Global Workforce Issues Find Automation Solution”

Global Workforce Issues Find Automation Solution

Could robotics be the merging point between the technology generation & a waning workforce? Experts believe so. “We’re Hiring”, it…
Featured image for “Budgeting in Uncertain Times”

Budgeting in Uncertain Times

Balancing the need for industrial manufacturing robots with annual financial budgets and the robotic integrator helping bridge that gap. Manufacturers…
Featured image for “Industrial Service Market Growth Expected Through 2025”

Industrial Service Market Growth Expected Through 2025

In 2020, reported that the global industrial services market had a projected market value of USD 33.6 billion in…
Featured image for “Mobile Robot Growth in Manufacturing Industry”

Mobile Robot Growth in Manufacturing Industry

Autonomous Mobile Robots will see major growth in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdown of several industrial manufacturing companies. The…
Featured image for “Cost-Effective Robotics in Manufacturing”

Cost-Effective Robotics in Manufacturing

Since 2016, a staggering 98% of businesses & organizations report that 1 hour of downtime costs them over $100,000. The…
Featured image for “Robotics Manufacturer Enhancing Production With Autonomous Mobile Robots”

Robotics Manufacturer Enhancing Production With Autonomous Mobile Robots

RōBEX, the industry’s leading robotic automation integrator, navigates us until the future with cutting edge technology. According to an OSHA…


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