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Providing You the Tools and Documents to Maintain Your Systems

RōBEX provides the manuals and documentation to fully rebuild your systems if necessary as well as CAD drawings for complete rebuilds.

RōBEX stands behind our commitment to being your single source supplier and integrator for all systems we provide. This extends far beyond the delivery of physical assets to your facility — we provide complete life-cycle support for your system. This includes giving you operational manuals to get our systems running, 2D and 3D CAD drawings thorough enough for a complete system rebuild, and a list of all spare parts with original OEM part numbers. At RōBEX, we hold nothing back from our customers. When you buy the machine, you buy the engineering, simple as that.

Operational Manuals

When we deliver a system, we also provide you operations manuals with photographs, diagrams, and instructions, custom written for your specific system. This provides your production staff with all the information needed to set up, calibrate, and start them running in an efficient manner.

Maintenance and Safety Documentation

In addition to operational manuals, every RōBEX system also ships with maintenance manuals. These include a compiled list of intervals for all required maintenance and system teardowns, giving timelines for cleaning and preventative maintenance to avoid unanticipated downtime. For replacement parts, our maintenance manuals link to a complete list of wear components and their OEM part numbers for ease of ordering, as well as direct links to OEM device manuals for quick troubleshooting.

Safety is our number one priority, both in-house and on your manufacturing floor, which is why we include our in-house conducted safety risk reports, which includes risk analysis and verification of operator safety studies. We even maintain an accredited safety officer on staff to ensure that every machine we deliver is up to the highest standards.

Spare Parts

Ordering spare parts or wear items for a complex integrated system can be a major obstacle when your clients demand rapid timelines. For many system integrators, this is the point at which they exert control over the intellectual property of the system, and wall off necessary information.

RōBEX rejects this approach wholesale. We provide every OEM part number for every spare part and wear item, giving you complete autonomy to order spare parts at will, without our assistance. Our goal is to empower and support your production goals, so our spare parts list includes the part number, supplier, machine location, and wear items which you should expect to order as they degrade.

2D and 3D CAD Files

When you integrate a system from RōBEX, we also hand over the complete technical data package (TDP) to your system. This includes all 2D drawings and 3D models which comprise the system, giving you the information to undertake a complete rebuild on your own. These drawings are yours to keep in perpetuity and share as you wish.

Electrical Schematics & PLC Backups

Integrated manufacturing solutions are highly dynamic systems, which is why we also include the complete electrical schematics, panel drawings and backups for all PLC and robotics programs.

Complete Operational Support with RōBEX

At RōBEX, we stand behind our belief that you don’t just buy a system, you buy our engineering. This entitles you not just to our thorough operational and maintenance documentation, but complete system architecture and OEM traceability. We empower your automation, manufacturing, and inspection solutions through a partnered approach which encourages complete ownership of your system data.

If you have any additional questions about how the RōBEX approach can benefit your operation, contact us to learn more!

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