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Patent Preparation

A patent is a declaration issued by a government body declaring someone or a group of persons the inventor(s) of a new invention, and this declaration is potent enough to stop others from making, using or selling the claimed invention. A patent confers a legal right of ownership on an inventor of a design.

Patent Preparation is done individually for a specific invention and thus can pose some complications regarding the documents involved in the process. One of the essential documents needed for proper Patent Preparation is a written description of the invention so that anyone skilled in a relevant field would be able to make and use such invention.

A comprehensive illustration of the invention and how best the invention can be used is usually included in this description. An oath duly signed by the inventor stating and attesting that the application meets the requirements of the patent laws and ends with a statement conferring all rights of ownership to the inventor(s).

Quality Patent Preparation at Tarlow Design

At Tarlow Design, we know the nitty-gritty of Patent Preparation and we can help prepare a patent for your consumer product. Once a new consumer product is designed and developed, the next thing to do is to have a patent prepared and written to reserve all rights of ownership of this new product to the owner.

We have heard of some instances of patents written for products that eventually didn’t make it to the market. This might be due to some lag in the product design, quality, and authenticity. One of the significant steps we take in Patent Preparation, is what is known as patent search, to make sure the invention is unique and that no one has invented anything of such. Emerging companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals who are new to the Patent Preparation process can benefit enormously.

Tarlow design can do your consumer product patent preparation for you at a price that will not break the bank. Once your product is patented, anyone who would produce the same product would be asked to stop or pay a royalty to the inventor (that is you)

Patents can be prepared by Inventors themselves

While it is strongly recommended that a patent attorney is contracted, you should also know that you can write your patent. That is where Tarlow Design come in, as we can help our clients prepare their patents by supplying patent sketches and the required language in describing the invention and how it should be best used. Once this is done, you can lock in the date of your invention by submitting your patent application and obtain a patent pending status.

A patent attorney can later be hired to review and make any adjustments as soon as sufficient fund is raised to start the project. When a new consumer product is developed, it is almost as good as an asset. Hence, taking the issue of patenting serious is paramount. You might also be interested in knowing that patents last for 17 years from the issue date or 20 years from filing date.


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