/ Flex-AMR Pallet Loader Makes Safe & Effective Transportation Simple

How Flex-AMR Pallet Loader Can Improve Productivity

As opposed to manually operated machinery, Flex-AMR Pallet Loader is an intelligent robot that makes safe and effective transportation simple.

Flex-AMR Pallet Loader

Flex-AMR Pallet Loader is a self-driving robot that can lift and move pallets—whether empty or full—from a pallet loading mechanism and take the pallets anywhere in a facility. Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are machines that change the way goods and pallets are transported in facilities for a safer, more effective workplace.

These intelligent robots essentially learn the layout of your facility and adapt to changes. For example, when a collision is imminent they can avoid it, or when an obstacle is in the path they can find a different route. After a human or a pick, pack, and palletizing machine loads or empties goods from a pallet, Flex-AMR takes the pallet to its intended destination.

Designed for safe and efficient transport, pallet loaders such as Flex-AMR are helping companies transform their factory floors, healthcare facilities, and logistics for enhanced productivity, improved safety, and cost-efficiency.

An autonomous mobile robot (AMR) moves on a floor in a building.

Benefits of Investing in Flex-AMR Pallet Loaders

Flex-AMR Pallet Loaders provide benefits in factory safety, ergonomics, labor, process consistency, and data collection. Flex-AMR:

  1. Removes the need for forklift drivers, which reduces the need for manual labor. The benefits of this are twofold: it improves company resiliency in the face of labor shortages and reduces the risk of accidents from human error when operating machinery.
  2. Does not require anyone to manually package or palletize goods. Combined with pick, pack, and palletizing cobot systems or industrial robots, Flex-AMR Pallet Loaders make for a completely automated process. This increases productivity so manufacturers can better meet demand.
  3. Can be customized with mixed SKU handling, which means the AMR would have the ability to work with many different box shapes and forms. This versatility enhances the value of your initial investment into the machinery, resulting in a greater ROI.
  4. Moves pallets safely, efficiently, and consistently from one location to another, which reduces the risk of potential damage to goods, hazards to workers, and downtime from incidents. It also saves time spent having to manually control a machine.

Gathers data about the environment to understand pathways, obstructions, and routes. This not only allows the robot to make informed decisions, but also provides companies with data they can leverage to change their floor layout for improved safety and efficiency.

AMR Pallet Mover Product Features & Use Cases

An AMR pallet loader moves a stack of empty pallets in a warehouse.AMRs such as Flex-AMR can be used in a variety of applications, including in distribution centers, healthcare facilities, grocery stores, manufacturing centers, and retail locations to transport pallets and goods.

These are locations where there may be thousands or tens of thousands of square feet to navigate. In addition, these work environments tend to be busy, which can make transportation and navigating obstacles challenging for forklift operators or manually operated robots. However, AMRs allow for faster transportation and navigation to increase productivity without human intervention.

Since AMRs can be configured to move pallets of different sizes or even multiple pallets at one time, they have a wide range of real-world applications. They can also be reused in different areas and aren’t limited to one application or location, meaning these robots can grow with your business and adapt to changing needs or demand.

Are AMRs a Good Fit for Me?

AMRs are certainly worthy of consideration if your company has a fairly consistent demand that allows you to utilize the right number of AMRs without overusing or underusing them to protect your investment. Companies that require rapid deployment, intelligent machinery, and cost-effective solutions are increasingly choosing AMRs for their logistics and warehouse operations.

A pallet loader may also be a good investment if you have a way to maintain and support AMRs, whether internally or through outsourcing. While AMRs are low-maintenance, it’s still essential to maintain the robots and have support if an issue arises.

If you want to deploy intelligent machinery, but do not want to make changes to your existing layout, an AMR pallet mover may be a good fit. These machines intelligently sense their surroundings and remember what they learn, so they adapt to your layout rather than forcing you to reorganize your space.

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