As one of North America’s most comprehensive automation and industrial service organizations, we’re very proud of our design, engineering, installation, automation and manufacturing people. As we grow our organization and expand our capabilities and facilities, we are committed to keeping current and future customers aware of our progress.


In our endless quest to improve manufacturing lines and production facilities, we are constantly innovating, adding capabilities and working to create value-added proprietary products. The people of RōBEX work to exceed your expectations in every way.

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The Automation Solution Podcast
Identifying automation opportunities using the IPE model
by Craig Francisco

Use the IPE model (Identify – Prioritize – Execute) to identify areas of improvement within your manufacturing facility.  Craig Francisco has led over 18 kaizen events in the last decade helping companies understand the 7 forms of waste that exist in every business.


Correction, Over production, movement of material, motion, waiting, inventory, and process.

Listen to the episode to gain insight on a simple but effective way to increase cash flow and improve your bottom line!