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The Automation Solution Podcast
Everything you need to know about Collaborative Robots with Greg Buell from Fanuc Corporation
by Craig Francisco

Interested in learning more about collaborative robots?  This episode covers all things collaborative and will serve as a guide for you to make the right decision as you venture into the collaborative space.  Enjoy the episode and get ready to take notes!  

About Greg

Greg Buell is a senior engineer in the General Industry & Automotive Segment at FANUC America Corporation, and the product manager for collaborative robots and operation. He came to FANUC with a BSEE degree from Tri-State(Trine) University and has made a career of working with robots and automation for over 24 years. His career includes countless hours working hand in hand with customers on engineering, implementation, and successful startup of numerous robots and automated systems which prepared him for his most challenging task yet, introducing human safe collaborative robots to the industry for FANUC. Greg’s work in development and testing helped to bring the first heavy payload industrial collaborative robot to market. For PackExpo2019, Greg developed a collaborative robot system that was used to pack food items into draw string bags as part of the Blessings In a Backpack program at the show. The system successfully packed 1536 backpacks which were distributed to children who needed meals on weekends. Another 1500 backpacks were recently packed at the FANUC America North Campus grand opening ceremony.

Contact Greg directly to learn more about Fanuc’s collaborative robot solutions.  Visit to find out where you can meet the team and see collaborative applications in process!