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Automating Trailer Manufacturing

RōBEX is embracing innovation for quality and efficiency in the trailer manufacturing industry.

Image of a truck and trailer assembled from new spare partsTrailer Manufacturing Expertise

Trailer manufacturing is having a major impact on businesses across various sectors. A well-built trailer can mean the difference between safely transporting goods and experiencing costly delays or damage to merchandise.

It is essential for producers, suppliers, and partners to all have a good grasp of the trailer manufacturing industry and processes to ensure they collectively deliver high-quality equipment, and support that meets the needs of the market.

Incorporating FANUC vision to detect the areas in need of welding, the robot can move to the specific location without the need for a team member to handle the product. A safe, efficient, consistent way to ensure each weld is precise.

This automated drill gantry brings accelerated levels of efficiency to a manual process. The application can be used in a multitude of industries and adjusted to specific drill patterns.

For Diverse Applications

RōBEX is a custom robotics company that offers a wide variety of products for trailer manufacturers who produce flatbed trailers, refrigerated trailers, dump trailers, utility trailers, specialty trailers, motor homes, RVs, and more. We also work with major trailer companies such as Wabash National Corporation, Vanguard, and Great Dane.

We believe that customer service is a key factor that sets our industrial trailer manufacturing services apart from others. We understand that businesses want to invest in quality trailers to have peace of mind when transporting their products, knowing they have reliable equipment capable of handling thousands of miles without issue.

Custom Trailer Manufacturing Systems

Systems used by industrial trailer manufacturers have come a long way in recent years. From the design process to the final product, technology has revolutionized the industry. However, designing and building a trailer is still complex, involving many specialty components, such as the frame, axles, brakes, and suspension system.

As automation specialists, RōBEX has extensive experience engineering systems for:

  • Automated punch and set of rivets
  • Automated drilling
  • Floor and base rail drilling
  • Sidewall drilling
  • Automatic rivet insertion
  • Bogie rotators
  • Rollover systems
  • Robotic welding applications
  • Line carts and transfer carts

With the help of our advanced automation systems, our manufacturing partners can build lighter and stronger trailers more efficiently. This reduces production costs while still providing your customers with high-quality, reliable trailers.

Image of RōBEX industrial trailer manufacturing equipment

Industrial Trailer Manufacturing Projects Completed

As a leader in the trailer manufacturing industry, our commitment to quality ensures that each trailer is built to the highest standards. The trailers are built to withstand thousands of miles of heavy use, offering customers peace of mind that their products arrive safely. We have built and installed systems for nearly every major trailer manufacturer, such as:

  • Walbash National
  • Vanguard
  • Strick Trailers
  • Kentucky Trailer
  • Fruehauf
  • Great Dane

By offering a variety of products and solutions, RōBEX has earned a reputation for being a reliable and trusted manufacturer in the industry. Even as we work on projects with major companies, we continue to provide quality products at a fair price for different-sized manufacturing outfits.

CNC milling machine processing and laser cutting for metal for an industrial trailer manufacturing operationCommon Pain Points for Industrial Trailer Manufacturers

The trailer manufacturing industry faces numerous challenges when it comes to automation.

Some of those challenges are automating drilling, punches, and setting processes.

Although automation can improve productivity and quality control, proper programming and maintenance are necessary to ensure optimal operation and reduce the risk of errors or malfunctions.

Other main pain points manufacturers face include:

  • Customization demands – One of the biggest challenges for trailer manufacturers is meeting each of their customers’ unique specifications. Frequent customization requests can complicate the overarching manufacturing process, making it hard to keep up with demand and maintain quality standards.
  • Material cost and resource optimization – Another pain point is managing material cost and waste. This is especially true for trailers with specialized features that require unique materials. Inefficient use of materials can drive up costs, adding to the expense in creating each trailer.
  • Safety standards – Ensuring safety compliance is an integral part of assembling trailers. With numerous safety regulations expected from vehicle manufacturers, compliance management can be expensive and require additional resources. Manufacturers must also work to ensure that towing safety is considered when constructing a trailer, which means addressing issues regarding improper attachment, instability, and other performance concerns.

Additional challenges include implementing bogie rotators and material rollovers. These areas require worker training and strict safety protocols to ensure that no workers are injured and no equipment is damaged during the process. Likewise, safely moving parts and large pieces around the production floor can be an obstacle that requires proper equipment and procedures to reduce the risk of injury or equipment damage.

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