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Pick, Pack, and Palletizing Automation

Experience enhanced cost savings and streamlined productivity when you deploy industrial robots or cobots for pick and pack warehouse solutions.

Reliable, Cost-Efficient Pick and Pack Solutions

The pick, pack, and palletizing process is crucial to proper order fulfillment, product protection, and minimizing delays with shipments. Pick and pack can take up a large portion of operating costs for companies, especially when factoring in human error and product damage. As such, having an efficient pick, pack, and palletizing process can significantly benefit your operations.

RōBEX is your custom robotic systems designer, builder, and installer for enhancing pick and pack operations. We have helped customers in a variety of industries specifically with pick, pack, and palletizing solutions to deploy innovative technologies and support efficient automation. Integrating three processes into one machine requires leading technology, dynamic software, and engineers who understand your challenges.

With RōBEX on your side, you can deploy the custom industrial robotics systems you need for success. Whether semi-automated or fully automated, you can enhance your pick, pack, and palletizing processes for long-term benefits and growth with robotics.

Solving Common Industry Challenges With Pick and Pack Automation

A CAD drawing of a Robotic Palletizer with Stretch WrappingInvesting in robotics for automation can be expensive, especially when you need multiple machines for multiple tasks. However, when you invest in pick, pack, and palletizing automation with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), you can fully automate the process to get the job done quickly. This streamlines the entire process and lowers equipment and maintenance costs, ultimately resulting in a higher return on investment.

Even if you use a legacy PLC or older software, pick and pack robots can be integrated with your existing systems for fully automated, user-friendly solutions. Multiple robots can operate in the same space without affecting your overall operations. You also have the option to integrate cobots, which work with people to achieve tasks rather than replacing them.

By delivering benefits such as 24/7 high-volume production, consistent quality, and safe product handling, pick, pack, and palletizing automation with AMR technology—including industrial robots and cobots—can transform your pick, pack, and palletizing processes so your company has the freedom to grow.

The Benefits of Implementing Pick, Pack, and Palletizing Automation

The benefits of investing in pick and pack automation are numerous. See the pros of pick, pack, and palletizing machinery below, and then learn how AMR integration takes these benefits to a whole new level for a fully automated process.

Traditional Pick, Pack, and Palletizing Automation

Factory Safety

The use of pick and pack automation can reduce repetitive motion injuries in workers and keep them out of harm’s way, increasing safety and reducing downtime from accidents and injuries. Pick and pack machines automatically stop if there is a packing error to avoid product damage.


Pick, pack, and palletizing machinery can increase useable floor space and improve ergonomics for employees in semi-automated work environments, allowing for more room, enhanced safety, and smoother operations.

Labor Reduction

Pick and pack automation can lower labor costs by completing repetitive tasks efficiently and protecting products during packaging, allowing your team to tackle more complex jobs. It also reduces dependency on manual labor and increases reliability, as robots can work all day and perform consistent quality of work every time.

Data Collection

Through implementing high-quality packing machines for your pick, pack, and palletizing automation, you can introduce an entire new level of data collection and reliability for traceability in your environment.

Process Consistency

Pick and pack warehouse automation can improve process consistency with more uniform and stable loads, therefore reducing the potential for damage, worker injury, and losses from human error in conventional pick, pack, and palletizing settings.

AMRs Take the Benefits to a Whole New Level

A cobot picking up boxes and moving them onto a palletUsing pick, pack, and palletizing automation is beneficial, but using AMRs in combination with pick & pack provides enhanced benefits for companies by delivering a fully automated process for glass and plastic packaging as well as food and beverage material handling.

Factory Safety

AMRs use intelligent sensors to safely navigate warehouses and will automatically stop if a collision is imminent. They can also react and adapt quickly to updated layouts or programming changes, further enhancing safety.


Since AMRs eliminate the need for forklift drivers by transporting goods, they help optimize transportation by using the safest and most efficient route, reducing the risk of operator-error incidents in warehouses.

Labor Reduction

Using AMRs to transport materials that a pick and pack system has loaded reduces the need for employees to perform repetitive transportation tasks, therefore lowering manual labor costs and helping companies meet their goals, even with labor shortages.

Data Collection

AMRs allow companies to collect important data about their indoor environment with centimeter-level accuracy for path planning, robot speed, and improvements in navigation software for robots.

Process Consistency

Designed for consistency, AMRs can complete repetitive transportation tasks quickly and consistently without breaks. The result is improved accuracy and productivity, reduced error, and enhanced safety.

Find Out More About Pick & Pack Solutions from RōBEX

If you haven’t fully automated your pick & pack loading and transportation yet, or are interested in learning how industrial robots or cobots can improve your processes, find out more about how you can reduce costs and improve productivity with technology from RōBEX. Contact us today for turnkey automation solutions and seamless integration.

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