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RōBEX Brings Expertise and Automation to EV Manufacturing

RōBEX brings decades of experience to automation, assembly, inspection and integration solutions

EV battery cell structure

RōBEX is proud to be your single source supplier for automation and integration needs, and part and parcel to our future proof methodology is being ready to enable growing industries. The electric vehicle (EV) market is growing rapidly, with an anticipated compound annual growth rate of 19%. For suppliers to keep up with consumer and manufacturer demand, they’ll need to scale up and retool, creating new, more efficient production, inspection and assembly lines for EV products. This can run the gamut from traditional automotive processes like chassis welding to EV specific processes like battery cell bonding, cell stack reinforcement and battery sealing. Here at RōBEX, we have the capability to develop bespoke systems for every stage of EV manufacturing, and set you up for success in the new, electrified automotive marketplace.

EV Specific Processes

Producing electric vehicles requires a different set of tooling, inspection and methodologies to ensure their safety, chief among them related to battery pack production, assembly and inspection.

Cell Bonding

Cell bonding is the process whereby battery cells are joined through adhesive bonding, reducing vibrations and creating a monolithic structure. This adhesive must be carefully applied, as any air pockets can lead to reduced insulation or even a short circuit in the event of a crash. Precisely automated adhesive application is crucial in this state, ideally one powered by intelligent vision systems.

Battery Cell Stack Reinforcement

 EV lithium battery pack wiring

Once the battery cells have been bonded, they are still vulnerable, and require structural reinforcement in the event of a crash. This requires securing lateral bracing to the battery stacks, however this can be done through traditional welding, as the stacks are highly heat sensitive. Cold joining and self piercing riveting are the most popular options, ones which can be handled through automated riveting tool cells. Our riveting systems use blow fed in line riveting for speed and minimal downtime.

Mounting and Sealing

With the batteries now bonded, reinforced and thermal paste applied for temperature management, they can be sealed and mounted to the vehicle chassis. The battery packs must be secured to the chassis with precise torque values, such that the packs contact the thermal paste without applying enough pressure to squeeze it out. RōBEX torquing systems are fully automated and designed to meet your needs, with real time
torque and angle measurement, inline track or blow fed, and post
torque inspection within the tool cell.

The Benefits of RōBEX Systems

RōBEX systems are fully bespoke for your process, providing complete automation solutions which integrate with your PLM, MES, FAS and SPC systems for complete traceability, accountability and control of your process at all times.

Assembly and Automation

Assembly and automation with RōBEX brings you the best that automation has to offer without the headaches of other, less custom manufacturers. Our fully automated tool cells can cover everything from torquing, pressing, riveting and gluing to inline traceability like laser part marking. Robotic assembly has become an automotive mainstay for its efficient and precision operation, allowing for part tending and transfer systems without the need for an operator.

Seamless Integration

 Individual oversees an automated assembly line

Integrating your tool cells not just with each other but with your Factory Automation Software (FAS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an essential component of a well running manufacturing line, and is especially crucial for the highly electronic nature of EV’s. SPC and data control put the power of Industry 4.0 at your fingertips, helping you stay ISO compliant while monitoring production statistics in real time. Our Real Time Gage Controller (RTGC) provides in situ data collection which interfaces with your metrology standards, as well as generation GR&R and CPK.


With so many electrical components and new structural elements, inspection stages for EV manufacturing are critical. RōBEX provides a wide array of inspection technology, ranging from 2D and 2D vision systems for automatic comparison against a master CAD file to vacuum decay leak testing, an essential inspection step to ensuring the battery pack remains safely sealed. Our inspection technology systems are equally as integrated as our assembly steps, removing the inefficiencies and potential for errors we might incur from subjective inspections, and allowing for the efficiency and precise control offered by machine vision and data driven quality control.

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