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Automating the Automotive Manufacturing Industry With RōBEX

Learn about the role of automation in the automotive industry and how RōBEX can help your business automate its manufacturing.

Automotive Manufacturing: Automation Adoption

Since its inception, the automotive industry has led the world in manufacturing efficiency. From Ford’s automotive assembly line to today’s robotic manufacturing automation, the auto industry thrives on maximizing and optimizing its production processes.

In the modern automotive assembly and manufacturing process, manufacturers entrust most tasks to robots. Automation systems are simply more cost-effective than human employees in the long-run. With today’s cutting edge technology, manufacturers can repurpose and reprogram their robots to adapt to new production programs, feeding market demands for years to come.

With RōBEX automotive assembly solutions, automotive manufacturers can achieve new levels of efficiency with fewer defects and lower costs per unit.

RōBEX Automotive Automation Solutions

With advances in robotics technology, manufacturers can automate more automotive assembly and manufacturing tasks than ever. Some of the automation solutions that RōBEX offers include:

overview of RōBEX end of line final test and inspection cells


One assembly-heavy aspect of the automotive manufacturing process that benefits from automation is the powertrain. The testing and inspection processes for these precision mechanical components stand to benefit greatly from either fully- or semi-automatic integration, increasing safety for workers, while increasing production efficiency for the line.

Powertrain Parts Applications
  • Engine Block
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Connecting Rods
  • Crank Shafts
  • Cam Shafts

RōBEX Laser Marking Machine.


Whether a consumer automobile or world-class sports car, transmissions require nanometer accuracy in production to prevent defects that could cause catastrophic results. Automation offers superior accuracy, as well as the integrated metrology solutions to ensure every piece performs up to standard. Here is an assortment of applications where RōBEX systems integration can provide benefits to transmission production.

Transmission Parts Production
  • Transmission Cases
  • Gears
  • Shift Levers and Actuator Rods
  • Clutches
  • Harnesses and Electronics
  • Drive Chains and Sprockets
  • Hydraulics
Transmission Manufacturing Automation
  • Full Automatic Construction Assembly via Robotics
  • Semi-Automatic Assembly via Work Stations
  • Manual Gearbox Assembly with Automated Classification and Identification Support

E-Mobility & Electric Vehicles

The growing prevalence of e-vehicles and fleets both in commercial and consumer capacities will necessitate new kinds of production line automation to handle the high-powered electric motors at a large scale. Technology in the e-mobility field has even progressed to the point that electric passenger airplanes are very feasible. With more automobile companies introducing electric models every year, specialized manufacturing and testing equipment will drive this innovation. Here are some areas RōBEX solutions can be utilized in this rapidly growing area of the industry.

Application for Electric Vehicles
  • Batteries
  • Electric Motors
  • Charging Components
  • Integrated Electronics and Computers

Structural Component Manufacturing

The automotive industry is already heavily automated, and that trend is forecast to continue in the coming years. Automotive parts manufacturers need to consistently produce top-quality parts at a rapid pace to compete in the market.

In both the aerospace and automotive industries, automation ensures that stringent precision and safety guidelines can be met without sacrificing efficiency. Furthermore, the growing abundance of new technologies is already changing how structural parts are produced, and RōBEX is here with advanced automation solutions:

Application for Automotive Manufacturing of Structural Parts
  • Dash Panels
  • Rear Shelf Panels
  • Rear Inner Panels
  • Baffles
  • Front Cross Members
  • Front Frames
Application for Aerospace Manufacturing of Structural Parts
  • Wings
  • Fuselage
  • Empennage
  • Flight Control Surfaces
  • Internal Supports

Diesel Automotive Systems

The unique function of diesel engines compared to conventional internal combustion engines, and therefore comes with unique manufacturing challenges. Even beyond trucks and busses, diesel is a staple of the heavy-machinery industry, and dozens of industries rely on high-quality diesel engine components to function. RōBEX solutions ensure only the best parts come off of the production line.

Application for Diesel System Parts
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Fuel Lines
  • Filters
  • Pumps
  • Fuel Injectors

RōBEX Automotive Solution Implementation

 Yellow robotic arm showing an example of robotic part handling

RōBEX can apply the above automation solutions to any number of automotive applications. We have years of experience designing the automation solutions you need to take your manufacturing to the next level, from powertrain assembly to structural components to wiring.

Our detailed engineering offers turnkey solutions customized to your needs, providing more efficiency and consistency than ever before. Our years of experience in automation and the automotive industry let us truly understand your needs, providing a superior product to enhance your manufacturing process.

To learn more about how RōBEX delivers automotive assembly and manufacturing solutions, and how we can help revolutionize your manufacturing process, click here to download your free copy of our services guide.

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