Industrial Robots

Automation is kin and industrial robots continue to drive productivity gains, even allowing American manufacturers to onshore. Risk sinking into obscurity or become a part of the future with Robex manufacturing robots driving your processes.

How do robots improve efficiency and productivity?

The world is globalized. Competition is fierce. In the past, this meant cutting your workforce and leaving for a potentially risky developing nation. Costs were cut by leaving behind pensions and higher labor prices while bringing on more problematic legal structures and potentially losing customer and worker loyalty.

Robots run on the cost of power and maintenance. They leave you with a competitive edge. Run factories to your specification with minimal support.

Do Robots Return an ROI?

These vital devices continue to drop in price. You can recover the cost of your investment within 5 to 10 years without including the cost of labor savings. With a labor savings of 22 percent there is no reason to fear hiring highly skilled technicians either.

Automation and robots are here to stay. The price of labor may soon fall underneath the cost of shipping finished products. Leaving yourself out of this revolution can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

What are the best Industrial Robots?

Solid industrial robots do not just come right out of the box. They require an adherence to manufacturing standards and support. Looking for the use of ISO guidelines and Six Sigma with a proven track record of success is critical to avoid falling in the more the 20 percent of projects that fail.

Robex meets ISO 9002 and 9001 standards with certifications in quality and environmental quality. Peace of mind and performance are important considerations that we take seriously. Robex drives reliable efficiency and performance.

Customized Robots

No robot works for every situation. You cannot make specialized parts with the same devices that flip burgers. You need customized software and hardware specifically related to your processes.

Robex delivers customized FANUC robots for specific tasks. Get to work without hiring teams of developers. Keep the cost of deployment low and use a trusted developer to start using your robots as soon as possible.

Service Support for My Robots

Electronics age. Updates to software and hardware keep old systems working. With the cost of a new system being high, you want to keep your existing hardware running optimally.

Robex not only offers turnkey installation but consistent upgrades. We help customers achieve the most from every robot whether they are in packing, labeling, data tracking, or one of our many other service areas.

Building the future with Industrial Robots

Robex offers customers superior quality robots with peace of mind. Our rigorous certification processes and dedication to support and installation keep customers running. Get your RPA running for the future and never fall behind.

Contact Robex for the best automated solutions for industrial, collaborative, and mobile robot integration, end-of-arm tools, and material handling systems. Give us a call at 419-270-0770 today.