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/ Flex-AMR Transporter Makes Safe & Effective Transportation Simple

How Flex-AMR Transporter Can Improve Productivity

As opposed to manually operated machinery, Flex-AMR Transporter is an intelligent robot that makes safe and effective transportation simple.

Flex-AMR Transporter

Flex-AMR Transporter is an autonomous vehicle with the ability to pick and place various sized loads throughout a facility. Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are changing the way goods and pallets are transported throughout facilities, creating a safer, more effective workplace.

These intelligent robots develop a digital map of the facility and adapt to dynamic changes to the environment in real time. For example, when an automated call is received to transport a load across the facility, the AMR will stop in the aisle and wait for traffic to clear while en route to a RōBEX pick, pack and palletizing cell, autonomously interact with the cell to receive the correct goods, and will reroute around any obstacles blocking its path to the destination.

Designed for safe and efficient transport, pallet loaders such as Flex-AMR Transporter are helping companies transform their factory floors, healthcare facilities, and logistics for enhanced productivity, improved safety, and cost-efficiency.

RōBEX Flex-AMR Transporter ready to receive pallet

Benefits of Investing in Flex-AMR Transporters

RōBEX’s Flex-AMR Transporters provide benefits in factory safety, ergonomics, labor, process consistency, and data collection. The Flex-AMR Transporter:

  1. Removes the need for forklift operators. The benefits here are twofold: it improves company resiliency in the face of labor shortages and reduces overall traffic and the risk of accidents from human error when operating mobile equipment.
  2. Does not require manual packaging, palletizing or transportation of products. Combined with a pick, pack, and palletize cobot system or industrial robots, Flex-AMR Transporters make for a completely automated process. This increases productivity so manufacturers can better meet demand.
  3. Can be customized with mixed SKU handling, RōBEX’s Flex-AMR Transporter has the ability to work with many different box shapes and forms. This versatility enhances the value of the initial automation investment, resulting in a greater ROI.
  4. Moves pallets safely, efficiently, and consistently across the entire facility. This reduces the risk of potential damage to goods, hazards to employees, and the resulting downtime.
  5. Gathers and stores data about the environment to better understand pathways, obstructions, and traffic patterns throughout the facility. This not only allows the robot to make informed decisions, but also provides companies with the data they need to integrate more AMRs safely and efficiently into their facilities.

AMR Transporter Product Features & Use Cases

RoBEX Flex - AMR Transporter moving a pallet of boxesAMRs such as the RōBEX Flex-AMR Transporter can be used in a variety of applications, including in distribution centers, healthcare facilities, grocery stores, manufacturing centers, and retail locations to transport pallets and goods.

Most manufacturing spaces today are over 100,000 square feet and production environments tend to be busy, which can make transportation and navigating obstacles challenging for forklifts or traditional autonomously guided robots. However, RōBEX’s Flex-AMR Transporter allows for safer and faster transportation to increase productivity without human intervention.

The versatility RōBEX provides with its Flex-AMR Transporters allows for multiple load sizes to be transferred with a single Top Module design. Whether the Transporter is restocking production lines, delivering final goods to the warehouse, or delivering parts to a quality inspection lab, RōBEX’s Flex-AMR Transporters can provide automation to numerous real-world applications. The RōBEX Flex-AMR Transporter creates the path to keep your company driving forward!

Are AMRs a Good Fit for Me?

Companies that face labor shortages or require rapid deployment, intelligent machinery, and cost-effective solutions are increasingly choosing AMRs for their logistics and warehouse operations.

Does your facility already have AMRs? Are they underutilized or just don’t seem like a good fit? A RōBEX Flex-AMR Transporter can be adopted to multiple AMR manufacturer’s vehicles.

If you want to deploy intelligent machinery, but do not want to make changes to your existing layout, a Flex-AMR Transporter may be a good fit. These machines intelligently sense their surroundings and remember where they have been, so they always choose the right path moving forward. 

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