Embracing Industry 4.0 Through Automation

Robotics and Automation lead the way for the next big manufacturing boom.

In recent years, we’ve seen increasing buzz in the manufacturing world about what’s been labeled Industry 4.0.  In short, it’s the 4th Industrial Revolution. The 1st in the 1800s, when water & steam-powered engines replaced animal-driven machinery. The 2nd began in the early 20th century when electricity, steel and assembly lines came into being. The 3rd started in the 1950s as manufacturers began to incorporate electronic and computer technology in factories.

The core component of Industry 4.0 is immediate data.  Smart machines, industrial robots, collaborative robots, & autonomous mobile robots that talk to each other are the norm, providing not only productivity information but monitoring their own maintenance needs. This helps to avoid unnecessary production line shutdowns, almost eliminating some of the “human error” aspect of manufacturing facilities. The wealth of data on tap also allows for better supply chain management and optimization to gain efficiencies.

Around the year 2000, Industry 4.0 emerged, bringing digital technology and interconnectivity for a new, integrated approach to manufacturing. 4.0 brings together production and operations via smart technology, machine learning and instant data. This has led to a dramatic increase in the integration of robotic automation into the industrial manufacturing space. More than just adding new technology, it’s about revolutionizing entire business operations, improving safety, efficiency, & productivity.  Today, that’s critically important if your firm is to survive and grow. As an experienced, certified integrator of advanced automation and robotic systems, Perrysburg Ohio’s RōBEX is providing solutions for their customers. 

For most manufacturers, fully embracing Industry 4.0 solutions is a major step. There are major economic benefits on one hand, but significant cost on the other.  Capital funding is often the most difficult aspect of making the move to fully optimize, automate, and re-invent manufacturing. RōBEX created a system that helps bridge the gap between the need for industrial automation with the concern of capital spending.

“We created a unique Technology Licensing Program called RōBEX FLEXX™ that can provide you with the sophisticated automated robotic system you need without major capital investment. As an innovative, engineering-based company, we’ve developed several proprietary-designed systems that dramatically optimize productivity. And RōBEX FLEXX provides access to all that innovation and leading-edge technology that automation has to offer”, said RōBEX President Craig Francisco.

This system helps manufacturers optimize processes, improve safety and productivity at reasonable cost. RōBEX FLEXX establishes a monthly technology licensing fee that offers access to the latest automation technology via our proprietary systems. It brings important productivity benefits, eliminates upfront capital investment, and is not considered a capital lease. To find out more, contact RōBEX here.


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