Among our core assets is a team of extremely gifted, experienced and imaginative design engineers who thrive on solving challenging production problems. RōBEX clients appreciate our ability to CAD Design and other tools to develop elegant solutions that outperform existing systems.

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RōBEX mechanical engineers can enhance current production flow or create new purpose-built systems to meet your needs. Understanding how your production system works is the start. After review, we’ll work to improve, enhance and optimize with cost-effective production efficiencies.


With decades of experience, RōBEX electrical engineers can find solutions to complex electrical control and production line issues. Along the way, our engineers invented proprietary patented systems that improve clients’ production. We deliver all the electrical engineering expertise you need.


We live on the factory floor, so we understand how things work. Today’s production environment is more demanding than ever, requiring savvy, high technology solutions. Count on our integrated design engineering team to develop effective turnkey solutions to your production challenge.


Visualizing an elegant solution in 3D is a critically important step for clients and engineers alike. RōBEX employs AutoCAD schematic design technology for full color simulations of operating systems. We can also produce hi-precision prototype parts in carbon fiber and other materials.

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