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Cost-Effective Robotics in Manufacturing

Since 2016, a staggering 98% of businesses & organizations report that 1 hour of downtime costs them over $100,000. The easy answer to this dilemma is automation.

The inclusion of robots in the manufacturing, warehousing, and medical industries (among many others) have made a large impact on 2 key components: Safety & efficiency. By applying automation to repetitive manual tasks within industrial production facilities, businesses see a decrease in injury and an increase in productivity. Regardless of the product, several of the processes are similar. Material Handling, Palletizing, Case Erecting, Case Packing, Label Application are common examples of repetitive tasks in the industrial manufacturing space that lead to injury and high turnover. By automating these variables, employees can work in higher skillset positions. This leads to higher morale, longer tenure, etc. In short, automation can improve overall performance.  However, manufacturing corporations show hesitancy as it pertains to the capital investment involved in integrating industrial robots into their facility. 

Automation technology can present capital investment challenges for even the most successful manufacturers. Ohio-based automation integrator RōBEX has created a technology licensing program called RōBEX FLEXX™ to help bring robotic technology solutions to customers. The RōBEX FLEXX™ technology licensing program comes with 1 goal in mind: To help every manufacturer maximize productivity, improve safety, and increase efficiency in the most cost-efficient manner possible. This automation integration program is industry unique. Through FLEXX™, businesses gain access to the latest in robotic technology & precision integration methods with NO upfront capital investment needed. RōBEX will custom-design, engineer, deliver, install, calibrate, and maintain the industrial manufacturing system while retaining ownership. Customers pay a monthly technology licensing fee based on the installed robotic system, which means NO LONG-TERM DEBT to their financial books.

“We consider it a game changer in our industry,” said RōBEX President Craig Francisco. “A lot of companies want to invest the capital & have so many things to accomplish, but ultimately, may run low on the funds to do so (as it pertains to automation). Because of the demand for robotics in industrial manufacturing & warehousing distribution being so high currently, coupled with our desire to help move these industries forward, we created a program where the risk is shared by us. We’re integrating customized automation solutions using FANUC, Mobile Industrial Robots, and AutoGuide Mobile Robots into our customer’s facilities for a monthly fee. We’re helping them improve efficiency while also sharing responsible for the robots themselves and RōBEX proprietary technology involved.”

To learn more about industrial robots, collaborative robots, and autonomous mobile robots, as well as the FLEXX™ program, email: 


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