Cloud Robots

The cloud isn’t just for data. The Internet of Things, IoT, continues to shape industry. Today, cloud robots continue to drive productivity and AI in the manufacturing and warehousing of products.

How are networks of robots built?

Robots interact to create a desirable result. Different types of robots communicate with your databases and other on premises information technology services. These systems deliver, allowing you to tune robots to improve productivity and lower costs.

Cloud enabled robots connect to cloud services over edge servers, on-premises hardware on the periphery of your cloud, and power data driven manufacturing. As the use of artificial intelligence and data continues to grow, cloud robotics will become a key to remaining competitive.

How do robots connect to the cloud?

Secure Internet and intranet connections power IoT. Benefiting from predictive models and software means building the infrastructure required to collect data, create and use models, and issue commands.

Larger networks require more hardware but also enable more intelligent decision making. Robots communicate over powerful wireless networks. They offer their location, current tasks, productivity metrics, statistics for assessing operating costs, and more. This information allows you to build increasingly capable models and dashboards.

Autonomous Robots on the Cloud

Among the different types of robots, autonomous robots benefit greatly from cloud services by nature. These devices transport goods between workstations and need to know about obstacles and the position of their peers.

Having a cloud solution in a large warehouse keeps your transportation chain functioning smoothly. It can dictate speed and the other factors related to picking and moving goods.

Updates Over the Cloud

The cloud is not just about data. Automation over the cloud means providing timely updates that keep your networks and robots secure and functioning optimally.

IoT networks come with built-in upgradability. Updates push over your network instead of requiring technicians to perform related operations manually.

Can I build my own robotics cloud?

Services such as AWS are useful for startups and others. Still, it is possible to create an incredibly secure cloud for your robots. Custom solutions built on software such as Own Cloud are already common in research and development, defense, and the healthcare industry.

This level of customization is expensive but can isolate your robotics in the cloud without exposing your solution to the dangers of the Internet. In an age of affordable hardware, you can build nearly anything.

Support for IoT Enabled Robots

Cloud robotics requires customization and support. Software developers write integration software, technicians maintain hardware whether you create your own cloud or use and existing platform, and installation requires extra steps to connect to the network.

Robex provides full-fledged support for planning, developing, implementing, and even maintaining your robots. Our turnkey solutions are ideal for any organization. Outsourcing your IT is still a profitable solution.

Building a Complex Network of Cloud Enabled Robots

Cloud robots are useful in almost any situation. In an age of big data, Robex can help you remain competitive.

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