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Think Vertically for Fast Storage Access

As an innovative, fast-growing robotic automation integrator, Perrysburg OH’s RōBEX is constantly scanning the industrial manufacturing & warehousing landscape for unique approaches, emerging trends and new applications for smart technology....
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Partner for Productivity

It’s been observed that opposites attract, yet similarities form the bond that strengthens a solid working relationship. Strong, silent types have always held a certain allure and mystery. Confidently quiet...
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The Future is Autonomous

It’s an undeniable fact that the sheer number of task-oriented autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) is expanding rapidly. This “population growth” is inevitable as technology, and more specifically, robotic technology advances....
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Automating the Cleaning Industry

It’s no surprise to anyone that manufacturers of cleaning and disinfecting products saw consumer demand explode during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. As production ramped up, supply chain hiccups and labor...
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Cobots Explained

WHAT IS A COBOT? A cobot, or collaborative robot, is a robot intended for direct human robot interaction within a shared space, or where humans and robots are in close...
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Featured image for “The Definition of ROI: Robotics, Automation & Value in Manufacturing”

The Definition of ROI: Robotics, Automation & Value in Manufacturing

“Return On Investment” is truly the holy grail of business evaluators. Regardless the industry, an investment into your company is made with one idea in mind; enhance performance in the...
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Lean Manufacturing in 2022

Lean manufacturing is a concept that’s been around for decades, begging the question “Was there ever fat manufacturing?” All kidding aside, as a “new” idea at the time, hundreds of...
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Tomorrow’s Automation Specialists

Within the next two decades, industrial robotic automation will be deployed in virtually every manufacturing, processing, packaging, warehousing, and distribution center. At least three key factors will accelerate this major...
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Featured image for “Collaboration Improves Everything”

Collaboration Improves Everything

“Work together towards common goals” has long been the mantra of manufacturing plant managers, team leaders and human resource professionals in all industries. That core concept continues to drive successful...
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Featured image for “The Future of Warehousing is in Sight”

The Future of Warehousing is in Sight

Of all the emerging and advanced technologies in the world of robotic automation, machine vision offers one of the most useful and dynamic with capabilities that are constantly evolving. Today’s...
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Integrating Advanced Technology in Manufacturing & Beyond

More than simply industry buzzwords, it’s a fact that the integration of advanced robotic technology—including industrial automation—dramatically improves worker engagement and bottom-line productivity. In fact, the entire industrial landscape and...
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Featured image for “Autonomous Mobile Robots Shaping the Future of Healthcare”

Autonomous Mobile Robots Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Forward-thinking leaders in the healthcare industry know that robotic automation can bring increased productivity and safety to their operations. As hospitals and healthcare systems struggle with the ongoing effects of...
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Featured image for “Developing a Technical Workforce”

Developing a Technical Workforce

The pace of automation integration in American industrial manufacturing is accelerating as never before and there’s no turning back. Many tasks can be done with higher productivity, more efficiently and...
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Featured image for “Logistics & Robotic Technology Bridging the Gap”

Logistics & Robotic Technology Bridging the Gap

Retail customers/consumers & industrial manufacturers now have something in common they did not previously- they’re hooked on immediacy and convenience. This can be attributed to many things, but a few...
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In our endless quest to improve manufacturing lines and production facilities, we are constantly innovating, adding capabilities and working to create value-added proprietary products. The people of RōBEX work to exceed your expectations in every way.

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