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RōBEX Case Studies: Assembly Lines

Browse through three real-world examples of how RōBEX helped businesses overcome assembly (line) automation issues.

Automatic and Semi-Manual Assembly Systems
and Visual Inspection

RōBEX works with businesses of all sizes to find the most effective way to streamline processes and increase productivity. Read through the case studies below for more details about our approach to automation, inspection, and systems integration. Learn how RōBEX can help you optimize your assembly (line) automation!

Diesel Fuel Injector Assembly Line
  • Diesel Fuel Injector

This system consists of six (6) main cells and one conveyor system transferring the customer’s assembly pallets from cell to cell. Each cell utilizes a robot for automatic part handling and handles a different aspect of the part’s assembly. Assembly parts are either introduced through the cell from a bowl feeder, or from pallets onto the incoming gravity conveyors. To address traceability, a part’s barcode is read at the start and at the end of the automatic process. Finally, the system is connected to the customer’s factory information and integrated throughout to provide comprehensive data about the process.

  • Super tight tolerances as low as 2 microns requiring 100% inspection after each assembly process.
  • The manufactured components required a method of data acquisition and part traceability.
  • The manufacturing process was too labor intensive for material handling.
  • The manufactured components required measurement inspections for validation of assembly.

1. Cell 1

  • Incoming Vision Inspection
  • Spring Vision Inspection
  • Spring Contact Probe Gage
  • Spring Assembly

2. Cell 2

  • Body Vision Inspection
  • Body Assembly

3. Cell 3

  • Body Contact Probe Gage
  • VOP Contact Probe Gage
  • VOP Assembly

4. Cell 4

  • Pin Contact Probe Gage

5. Cell 5

  • Pin Assembly
  • Orientation Vision Inspection

6. Cell 6

  • Laser Marking
  • Part Packout
  • AMC Flexlink Conveyor
  • Gravity Roller Conveyors
  • Powered Zone Conveyors
  • Adept SCARA Robotics
  • Custom EOATs with Pneumatic Gripper
  • Custom EOATs with Suction Cup
  • Cognex Vision Inspection
  • Solartron LVDT Probes
  • Telesis Fiber Laser Marker
  • Custom Bowl Feeders
  • Safety Interlocks
  • RTGC32 Controls Structure



Design Gallery

Fully Automatic Balance Shaft Assembly System
  • Balance Shaft

This system consists of a complete automatic assembly of a balance shaft. Through a multistage assembly process, washers, gears, sprockets, bearings, and other various components are assembled onto the balance shaft. Balance shafts are then loaded onto an exit conveyor completely assembled and ready for installation.

  • Cycle time and production demand was too high for a manual process.
  • The assembly process was too labor intensive for material handling.
  • Multiple high-force presses were required.
  • Multiple torque operations were required.
  • Multiple subcomponents needed to be bulk fed into the system to allow for hours of unmanned production.

  1. Washer Assembly Station
  2. Input Gear Assembly Station
  3. Sprocket Assembly station
  4. Torque Station
  5. Torque Inspection Station
  6. Pin Assembly Station
  7. Pin Assembly Station
  8. Bearing Assembly Station
  • Powered Conveyor
  • Stelron Indexer
  • Fanuc Robotics
  • Custom EOAT
  • FEC Servo Press
  • FEC Torque Drivers
  • Futek Torque Sensor
  • Allen Bradley Servo Motors
  • Feeding Concepts Bowl Feeders
  • IAI Servo Drive
  • Cognex Vision Inspection
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Allen Bradley Controls Structure



Design Gallery

Lift Gate Assembly & Visual Inspection
  • Lift Gate

This is an automatic torque, riv-nut, and inspection system with an inline manual process seamlessly integrated. Parts arrive at the cell via a powered belt conveyor. Robotics maintain part handling within the cell. Between the manual and automatic stations, various torque and assembly processes occur. Next, parts are transported to a vision inspection system to validate their assembly and Class A surface conditions. Parts are then sorted as either “good” or “reject” before leaving the cell.

  • Numerous vision inspection points required and short cycle time.
  • Semi-manual assembly process required within automated part handling process.
  • The assembly process was too labor intensive for material handling.

  1. Incoming Station
  2. Semi Manual Torque Station
  3. Automatic Torque Station
  4. Automatic Vision Inspection Station
  5. Reject Station
  6. Outgoing Station
  • Hytrol Powered Belt Conveyor
  • Fanuc Robotics
  • Custom EOATs
  • Schunk Pneumatic Grippers
  • Bollhoff Torque Drivers
  • Cognex Vision Inspection
  • Safety interlocks
  • Allen Bradley Controls Structure



Design Gallery


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