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A vision-guided robot attached to arm to aid in the picking of parts.

Vision-Guided Robotic Solutions

RōBEX integrates vision-guided robotics to support flexible picking of components in a robotics process. With our industrial, collaborative, and autonomous mobile robots, you can safely optimize manufacturing production.

An integrated vision-guided robot picking up components in a robotics process.

Integrated Solutions for Big Benefits

As a certified precision integrator, we design custom vision-guided robotic systems. These systems integrate cameras and intelligent software into robotics to enable robots to perceive their surroundings, identify objects, and inspect products.

This technology has enhanced precision, accuracy, adaptability, and safety in warehouse and manufacturing operations. Integrated vision-guided robotics technology supports autonomous work, enhanced productivity, and data-driven insights that make it a valuable technology for a variety of industries.

Cameras can detect potential hazards, flaws in products, collisions, and missing inventory to provide companies with streamlined operations and inspection systems. Whether it’s industrial, collaborative, or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), integrated vision-guided systems allow for remarkable results with precision expertise.

Bin Picking for Your Robotics Applications

Bin picking refers to the automated process of using robots to locate, grasp, and extract items from a bin or container, often in an unstructured or disorganized environment. This task requires advanced robotic vision systems, machine learning algorithms, and dexterous gripping mechanisms to accurately identify and handle objects with different shapes, sizes, and materials.

RōBEX integrates bin picking into your robotics applications via industrial robots and cobots with the necessary EOAT for your specific processes. Bin picking can be applied to manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics, and warehouse automation.

Integrated bin picking solutions from RōBEX allow for streamlined material handling, assembly line operations, order fulfillment, and inventory management. By automating the picking process, businesses can achieve higher throughput, reduced labor costs, improved product quality, and increased workplace safety.

Robots that can see and maneuver intelligently offer a transformative range of productivity capabilities for manufacturing and distribution operations. RōBEX can design and integrate a sophisticated robotic vision system that substantially improves robotic eye-hand coordination in pick-and-pack and depalletizing applications.

Vision-guided robots can efficiently handle the wide variety of product shapes and sizes in a warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing plant. These scalable, automated solutions safely improve productivity, enhance supply chain resilience, and lower operating costs, all with remote management.

RōBEX is proud to work with industry-leading partners to deliver innovative vision-guided robotic systems to companies in various industries.

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