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Leak Test Systems

RōBEX offers custom-designed solutions for automated leak testing, delivering precise, easy-to-maintain systems for any application.

Automated Leak Testing for Precision Manufacturing

Non-destructive leak test systems ensure your structures are free of cracks and deficiencies. Through vacuum decay and pressure decay methods, RōBEX integrates a variety of automated leak testers to ensure we meet your exact specification. Tests can be extremely sensitive, capturing everything from gross leaks to barely perceptible micro-leaks based on need. Our systems provide the combination of easy maintenance and high precision modern manufacturers require.

Our custom-designed fixtures use standard replaceable seals wherever possible. This provides an easy-to-maintain leak test solution, limiting downtime and maximizing throughput. Based on the integrity and design of the part, our systems utilize either hydraulic or pneumatic sealing forces. To determine the right solution, RōBEX offers extensive resources and expertise to ensure a successful integration.

RōBEX Designs & Builds Custom Leak Test Systems  for the Production Floor using the Industries Top Trusted Instruments.


  • Pressure Decay Leak Test Systems
  • Vacuum Decay Leak Test Systems
  • Flow Inspection


  • Crack and Leak Inspection
  • Aluminum Casings and Housings
  • Steel Casings and Housings
  • Injection Molded Components
  • HVAC Components

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