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 Image of RōBEX process control system for poka yoke and attribute inspection.

IPV, Poka-Yoke & Attribute Inspection

RōBEX provides integrated error-proofing tools to ensure both operator throughout, and verification of process-critical features. Learn how RōBEX systems integrate Poka-Yoke and attribute inspection to improve operator throughput and enhance process control.

Poka-Yoke Processes Deliver Superior Safety and Control

Poka-Yoke is a Japanese term translating to ‘error proofing’, and refers to processes designed to prevent specific defects. The term applies both to tracking the physical pieces produced, and the automatic manufacturing operations. This in-process verification system prevents personal injury, protects machines, and prevents faulty products from reaching customers. Hard gages and virtual condition gages provide inspection and verification of process-critical features for Poka-Yoke, including go/no go stages, non-cleanup verification, and size verification and feature presence.

Custom Poka-Yoke Inspection at the Source of the Process Prevents Missed Steps and Improves Reaction Time to Issues on the Line

Poka-Yoke and attribute inspection systems work throughout the entire process, working both to verify conditions before manufacturing tasks, and checking completed tasks for quality. As part of an automated in-process verification system, Poka-Yoke inspections may include limit switches, optical inspection systems, guide pins, or automatic shut-offs depending on the needs of the application. RōBEX Poka-Yoke systems work in tandem with our detailed automated metrology to provide a safe environment for operators, with 100% for vital components.


  • In-Process Verification of Critical Features
  • Go/No-Go Inspection
  • Retroreflective Sensors
  • Through Beam Sensors
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Measurement Probes
  • Hard Gages
  • Vision Inspection


  • Non-Clean-Up Verification
  • Detection of Flash
  • Detection of Breakout
  • Size Verification
  • Presence of Features


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