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Professional AMR Fleet Service

Dedicated AMR Fleet Service & Support From Trusted Pros

AMR Fleet Service From Experienced Technicians

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have a range of innovative benefits for manufacturers and warehouses across all industries. Keeping your AMR fleet running smoothly is integral to maximizing your investment and uptime. The RōBEX Autonomous Material Handling Division of Acieta provides professional AMR fleet service to keep your machines performing optimally, so you can continue to reap the benefits of AMRs.

Our services include customized training modules, hands-on practical sessions, safety protocols, and ongoing maintenance and support so you can expand your knowledge base and resources when working with AMRs. With RōBEX Autonomous Material Handling | Acieta as your partner, you can make your robotic fleets last as long as possible with minimal downtime.

Customized Training Modules

It’s essential for personnel to work with AMRs safely and effectively. Although these autonomous machines can navigate factory floors and move items independently, people need to know how to work alongside these machines. Comprehensive training and preparation is vital to seamless AMR integration into your facility.

RōBEX Autonomous Material Handling | Acieta offers a range of training offers depending on your needs. This includes information for training for your team AMRs, customized training modules, and hands-on sessions. This covers everything from how to use and maintain machines to troubleshooting common errors. Our team can help yours become familiar with AMR technology and develop the necessary skills to work responsibly around this equipment.

Two autonomous mobile robots move on a gray concrete floor.

Two black autonomous mobile robots carry metal carts.

Developing Safety Protocols

Part of our AMR fleet service involves developing safety protocols. Several safety protocols need to be implemented around AMRs to ensure a secure and efficient working environment. Some potential safety protocols include:

  • Collision avoidance: Implementing sensors and fleet management software that enable AMRs to detect and avoid collisions with objects, obstacles, and humans in their environment.
  • Emergency stop buttons: Integrating easily accessible emergency stop buttons or switches that immediately halt the operation of an AMR in case of unforeseen hazards or emergencies.
  • Hazard assessment and risk management: Conducting thorough hazard assessments to identify potential risks in the operational environment and developing risk management protocols to mitigate those risks.
  • Safe speed limits: Establishing safe maximum speed limits for AMRs to prevent accidents and collisions, particularly in areas with high human activity.
  • Interfacing with humans: Designing AMR technology to have clear and intuitive interfaces for interacting with human workers, such as audible alerts, visual indicators, and clear movement pathways.
  • Safety training: Providing comprehensive training for personnel working with or alongside AMRs to understand their capabilities, limitations, and safe operating procedures.
  • Cybersecurity measures: Implementing robust cybersecurity protocols to protect AMRs from potential hacking or unauthorized access that could compromise their safety or functionality.

By developing and adhering to these safety protocols, organizations can help mitigate potential risks and ensure the safe and effective operation of AMRs in various industrial and commercial settings.

Ongoing Maintenance and Dedicated Support

RōBEX Autonomous Material Handling | Acieta provides comprehensive robotics support for your AMR fleet, including full support with an on-site engineer during the implementation phase and providing ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting as needed.

You can trust our team to be there long after the initial installation and robotics training phase. Our dedicated support reps act as a knowledge base to provide service and resources as you need them, no matter where you’re located.

As a global company with 24/7 support centers, you’re never without the expertise you need for the safe and smooth operation of your autonomous mobile robot technology.

Each time any work or service is performed on your AMRs, our technicians fully document the process to ensure service continuity and transparency. We can also provide remote support for faster problem resolution.

Let us help you create an AMR maintenance and service plan that makes the most sense for your needs.

Three black MiR autonomous mobile robots on a concrete floor.

Trust the RōBEX Autonomous Material Handling | Acieta Team

No matter what tasks you use AMRs for, regular maintenance from a trusted provider is crucial. As technology continues to evolve and the demand for autonomous mobile robots grows, these machines are rapidly changing to better meet the needs of manufacturing facilities.

As such, you need a team that stays current on the latest developments, including risks, maintenance, and trends that can impact your robotic fleets. RōBEX Autonomous Material Handling | Acieta not only has an engineer on-site for your AMR implementation phase, but continually trains and educates our team to stay current on the latest in AMR services and develop their skills. In this way, we are able to better serve our customers with AMR fleet service and support.

When you work with the RōBEX Autonomous Material Handling | Acieta team, you’re working with industry leaders who partner with reputable AMR manufacturers to deliver the best products, knowledge, and service so you can continue to be successful.

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