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Manual Assembly Stations

A RōBEX manufacturing assembly station can enhance operator efficiency and safety through step-by-step guidance and integrated sensors. Our assembly stations are optimal for tasks difficult to automate fully. This could include areas where you might need a high degree of flexibility, or if your company has a limited budget for new automated solutions. Regardless of what you need, we have a proven track record of reliability and performance, all with the added ability to customize your station by request.

An Ergonomic Manufacturing Assembly Station Designed for Your Production Floor

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, diverting arduous physical tasks from humans to automated systems can play a significant role in a company’s overall effort to reduce risk and injury. As OSHA points out, a simple way to reduce ergonomic risk is to eliminate the hazard. Assigning more demanding tasks to automated assembly systems solves that issue.

RōBEX offers several manual assembly station options that utilize our advanced engineering and ergonomically efficient designs. Whichever solution you choose, we provide guided sequences to safely lead the operator through the manual assembly process, prompting every step of the way on the Human-Machine Interface (HMI). With preventative sensors and data recording, we can ensure the operator performs the required assembly tasks every cycle, which removes variation from the manual operation.

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An Upgraded Manual Assembly Process

Current trends suggest that there will be increased collaboration between robots and humans rather than total replacement. To strengthen that cooperation, you can implement more advanced assembly automation systems to improve working conditions for the humans involved in these increasingly sophisticated manufacturing environments.

While it may be less complex than the component fabrication process, manual assembly station operators must make numerous decisions to build, inspect, and complete the final assembly of the previously manufactured components.

This requires aptitude, adeptness, and acumen. If any deviation happens at any step in the assembly process, this can negatively impact the intended result.

A RōBEX manufacturing assembly station supports operators with custom-developed HMI-guided sequence instructions and poka-yokes, which give them clear visual indications at every step of the assembly process. Our innovative hardware and software enables adjustments to help fine-tune the actions at individual stations and scale when appropriate.

Features & Use Cases of Manual Assembly Stations

Our systems provide a powerful alternative for a manufacturing assembly line running small volumes, dealing with constant changeovers, or not pursuing completely automated assembly systems for any particular reason. With the help of our supportive assembly systems, operators can efficiently complete many standard manufacturing tasks including (but not limited to) torquing, pressing, assembly, and components inspection.

Systems to Assist Operators

  • Operator Assisted Torquing
  • Operator Assisted Pressing
  • Guided Assembly Operations
  • Verification of Operator Task Completion
  • Poka-Yoke and Inspection for Manually-Set Components

Common Applications

  • Low-Volume Manual Assembly
  • Batch Assembly Runs
  • Fuel Injector Assembly
  • Component Torquing

Lab Testing for the Feasibility of Your Application

We have decades of experience designing, building, and installing manual assembly stations, so we understand how integral these systems can be. We also know that upfront feasibility testing is the key to successfully improving automation in manufacturing. To ensure you are outfitted with the best system, we have onsite expert engineers who can verify applications before any plans are drawn.

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Proud Partners With

By partnering with several top-tier suppliers, we can always select the right manual assembly station to support manufacturing industries. We frequently serve aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, plastics, and food and packaging industries.

About RōBEX

We have helped to implement automated assembly systems all over the world. We welcome the opportunity to plan, design, and build a custom manufacturing assembly station solution to meet whatever challenges your company is facing.

If you are ready to introduce more robust automation technologies into your manufacturing line, we are an automation company you can trust. From vision system inspection to aerospace/automotive assembly automation, we tailor our approach to meet your needs. No matter the size of your business, our experts will work with you to find the most effective system to streamline your process and increase your productivity.

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