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Laser & Part Marking Systems

RōBEX combines traceability and quality control with unmatched flexibility, delivering safe, fast turnkey systems for any part-marking application.

Customizable Turnkey Solutions Deliver Powerful Part-Marking Automation

Part marking is an integral step in the manufacturing process, empowering you with the ability to remove traveling paperwork from the equation, and directly etching crucial information into each unit. Be it part numbers, serial numbers, Q/R codes, or other identifiers right onto your parts, these marks never risk fading or deterioration. In industries where quality and traceability are paramount, fast, reliable part-marking automation is a necessity. RōBEX has the experience to provide traceability to your parts by laser marking, label applicating, dot peening, or inkjet marking.

RōBEX Laser Marking Systems

Every laser marking system is built with a turnkey approach optimized for your specific application. This means we pick the right laser for your material and offer the choice of semi-automatic operator-loaded systems, robot-loaded, or conveyor through-feed systems. We take safety seriously, and RōBEX has an in-house, accredited safety officer. Every laser system we ship comes with its own FDA Accession report, demonstrating full federal compliance.

A RōBEX system covers everything you need to ensure that you’re practicing part traceability in an effective and thorough manner. Our systems provide the ability to intake data and serial numbers from your MES software, laser mark the part, and then export this data to a customer-facing PLM software, providing the complete lifecycle of traceability, from OEM to customer.


  • Inkjet Marking
  • Laser Marking
  • Dot Peen Marking
  • Stamp Marking
  • Label Applicators

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