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Riveting Systems

RōBEX automated rivet systems provide the power and precision to tackle high-impact industrial applications. 

Riv-nut & Rivet Automation Developed Turnkey for Volume Production

For repetitive, precision tasks integrating automation can be the next step forward for your manufacturing process. RōBEX automatic riveting systems are ideal for in-line assembly processes and can provide structural component riveting, thin wall, and threaded insert rivets. These automated assembly systems can be customized in a variety of different orientations and setups to best suit your application.

In the automotive industry, blind rivets are popular for assembling structural elements such as the chassis, door hinges, seat structure, and other parts of the vehicle. These processes require precision paired with high force to ensure a secure connection every time, and robots offer a powerful solution. RōBEX’s automated rivet assembly machines can use blow-fed in-line riveting to provide unmatched line speed and eliminate the downtime to reload.


  • In-Line Riveting
  • In-Line Blow-Fed Riveting
  • Robotic Riveting


  • In-Line Automotive Riveting
  • Structural Component Riveting
  • Thin Wall Riveting
  • Threaded Insert Riveting

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