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Gluing & RTV Application

RōBEX automated adhesive systems deliver precise control and constant monitoring to ensure a quality process.

Adhesive and Glue Automation Solutions for the Automotive Industry and Beyond

The application of adhesive is a vital and delicate step in any manufacturing assembly process. For glue and Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) sealant, RōBEX offers fully robotic and servo driven automated glue application. This includes internal monitoring systems, as well as advanced 3D visual inspection capabilities to check bead quality.

These joining automation systems readily fit the needs of the automotive industry, where windows, transmission components, automotive batteries, and critical engine components require delicately applied adhesive to sit firmly and securely in a vehicle. To meet these needs, RōBEX provides comprehensive RTV dispensing systems, delivering fast, reliable applications with integrated process monitoring.


3D Vision Technology for Bead Quality Inspection & Vision Guided Robot Bead Pathing


  • Robotic RTV Dispensing
  • Servo-Driven RTV Dispensing
  • Glue Dispensing Monitoring Systems
  • Post RTV 3D Inspection
  • Adhesive Application Processes
  • ID Bore Adhesive Application
  • FIPG Application and Inspection


  • Pan Faces
  • Sealed Joining Faces
  • Transmissions
  • Powertrains
  • Sealed Plugs
  • Gluing
  • Battery Housings

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