Budgeting in Uncertain Times

Balancing the need for industrial manufacturing robots with annual financial budgets and the robotic integrator helping bridge that gap.

Manufacturers in virtually all industries are challenged on several fronts while the need for realistic budgeting remains critically important to the planning process. Capital budgets are in flux as the effects of the global pandemic are still being felt. In addition, supply chain interruptions and a widespread shortage of skilled workers only adds to the present uncertainty. 

There’s no question that manufacturing in America will not only survive but thrive in the coming years. “Made in the USA” is regaining strength and endurance in the marketplace as aspects of the global supply chain lose a little luster. It is becoming increasing clearer that those manufacturers who embrace the future by operating and investing in industrial automation and robotics will be the most successful.

In the short term, the economic reality is how manufacturers can plan and budget to meet today’s multiple challenges. Very large manufacturers with major cash reserves have the resources to withstand a high degree of uncertainty, but the majority of manufacturers may not. We’re aware that even 5-year capital budgets do not always allow for the cost of custom integrated autonomous manufacturing projects to improve productivity and lower costs. 

It’s well documented that industrial robotic automation has the effect of increased safety and improved efficiencies.  Repetitive manual processes are always a focus to reduce the risk of injuries and move workers to higher skill jobs.

But how can manufacturers and warehousing companies move past the capital dilemma?

RōBEX is an Ohio-based automation integrator that has created a unique Technology Licensing Program that offers manufacturers the benefits of custom-designed automated systems without major capital investment.

A certified integrator of custom automation, RoBEX systems may include robotics, smart conveyors, autonomous mobile robots, autonomous mobile forklifts, and robotic vision applications. As an innovative, industrial robotic engineering-based company, RoBEX developed several proprietary systems that dramatically optimize productivity.

This Technology Licensing Program is called RōBEX FLEXX™ and it offers customers the ability to have RōBEX engineer, deliver and integrate autonomous robotic technology & equipment without capital investment. It allows manufacturers to optimize processes, improve safety and productivity at reasonable cost and is not considered a capital lease. 


While the production benefits soon become apparent, perhaps the best part of RoBEX FLEXX™ is that it’s not a budget-buster. After establishing a monthly technology licensing fee, customers enjoy access to the latest autonomous robotic technology via our proprietary systems. 

Productivity and safety improvements are common, with no upfront capital investment. Options to consider include length of term, financing options, automated service agreements and more.  It changes the way intelligent robotic manufacturing systems are financed, serviced, and warrantied, leading to a stronger bond with our customers.

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