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Within the next two decades, industrial robotic automation will be deployed in virtually every manufacturing, processing, packaging, warehousing, and distribution center.

At least three key factors will accelerate this major transition. The predicted labor shortage will drive the need for more automation. Improved productivity and efficiency will result in higher quality products at lower cost. The industrywide focus on operational safety means thousands more industrial manufacturing robots will become trusted “co-workers”.

One of the challenges for experienced, successful certified robotic system integrators like Perrysburg OH’s RōBEX is encouraging and developing the next generation of automation engineers. “We’ve found that while most students have some familiarity with robotic automation in general, they are not fully aware of the tremendous opportunities that exist for automation system engineers”, shared VP of Growth Cal Bowers.

“That’s why we’ve become involved with both vocational schools and university robotic & automation engineering departments to provide real-life experiences and education on what will be the driving force in the industrial manufacturing & warehousing world. Already we’ve hosted student tours and demonstrations of what we’re working on at our headquarters in Northwest Ohio.

In addition, we’re offering internships and co-op work experiences to students who have the knowledge, basic skills, interest, and passion for creating the next generation of automated “workers”. Those “workers” will likely be robots and we expect that robotics will a major focus well into the future as technological breakthroughs continue”.

Bowers continued. “Each day, capabilities are expanding for what are already very sophisticated, intelligent machines. Today’s interactive workplace means machines talk to each other, alert management of maintenance needs and perform their tasks 24/7/365. Tomorrow they will be able to do even more. It’s fact that advanced AI, 3D vision, increased mobility and other robotic technologies have not yet been fully developed. So, it’s a very exciting frontier for today’s enlightened students to explore.

We want students to be inspired by what’s going on today even as they look toward the future. Excellent, fulfilling jobs will be available to them and that’s the idea we want to communicate. With study, effort, and dedication, they can help automate the world—one factory at a time.”

RōBEX is a fast-growing nationally known certified automation integrator and recognized leader in engineering custom robotic systems for industrial customers. They firmly believe it is their responsibility to educate and motivate today’s students towards a career in industrial, collaborative, and autonomous mobile robotics and customized automation solutions. If you know a high school senior or college student who could benefit from our experience and expertise, please contact RōBEX today.


    Brandon White

  • DATE

    February 3, 2022

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