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Think Vertically for Fast Storage Access

As an innovative, fast-growing robotic automation integrator, Perrysburg OH’s RōBEX is constantly scanning the industrial manufacturing & warehousing landscape for unique approaches, emerging trends and new applications for smart technology.

Recently they’ve been working to integrate a “new” kind of storage approach on behalf of their wide range of customers—one that they’re certain will have a major impact on industries of all sizes. EffiMat® provides a savvy, sophisticated solution to parts storage that will change the way manufacturers and even retail businesses handle or don’t handle parts and components. Vertical storage is a key element.

In the “old days,” workers would walk up and down aisles physically picking parts and components for production. This time-consuming exercise was very inefficient, requiring picking lists, scanning and re-scanning before delivering the items to the production/assembly line. Today’s EffiMat system is built on the concept of vertical storage and offers a fast, efficient alternative. Their product, along with collaborative & autonomous mobile robotic technology, has the capability of revolutionizing the warehousing logistics industry simply by giving a business the means to automate a manual process.

Imagine hundreds of “drawers” containing small and mid-size parts and components stacked vertically within a custom framework. All parts are tracked via AI-based robotic vision, enabling collaborative robots (like the FANUC CX series) to quickly sort, package and deliver the needed parts to the production line precisely when needed, typically via an MiR autonomous mobile robot (AMR).

The concept springs from intralogistics and makes the seemingly impossible possible. The EffiMat system is vertical and relatively compact. Operations gain space on the factory floor since EffiMat typically takes up less than one square meter and can be placed near the manufacturing production or packaging line to optimize the work in progress.

EffiMat offers the ideal balance between speed, efficiency, and accuracy. It’s the logical extension of pick & place, but after the pick, it moves directly to the production process eliminating bottlenecks. If your manufacturing operation still uses standard rack storage for production parts, perhaps you should explore how RōBEX might be able to integrate an EffiMat into your production process.

This amazing system offers several benefits, but we know that each manufacturing operation has its own unique challenges. That what makes a robotic integrator like RōBEX so valuable when exploring how something like vertical autonomous storage can optimize your processes.

RōBEX is a Certified Systems Integrator for FANUC and MiR autonomous robots, both of which interface well with the EffiMat system. At RōBEX the constant goal is to help optimize industrial manufacturing, processing, assembly, warehousing, and packaging operations.

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    Brandon White

  • DATE

    April 25, 2022

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