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The Future of Warehousing is in Sight

Of all the emerging and advanced technologies in the world of robotic automation, machine vision offers one of the most useful and dynamic with capabilities that are constantly evolving.

Today’s automated robots with vision “see and recognize” an enormous number of components. These vision systems enable robots to identify objects, inspect and detect defects, read bar codes, pattern match, handle parts, and much more.

One of the economic benefits of industrial manufacturing robots that “see” is their ability to easily be programmed for automating multiple tasks–and this in-plant flexibility has the effect of maximizing ROI. Robotic vision for production processes & warehousing improves operational efficiency.Vision systems provide a robot with much greater flexibility since it can identify what it needs to complete an operation based on sight, rather than requiring specific placement. This adaptability means the assembly or packaging process can move faster without being slowed by imprecise placements.

Additionally, as the warehousing industry continues to grow by the day, the use of automation vision is allowing for another crucial element of their process to increase in efficiency: Depalletizing mixed SKUs. The ability to automate this process with accuracy gives creates a safer, more efficient, AND more productive way to improve material handling. Ohio-based automation integrator RōBEX has seen the need for this form of technology and have put a focus on bringing these solutions to manufacturing & warehousing in North America with the help of Plus One Robotics.

RōBEX is a certified automation integrator for Plus One Robotics–a recognized leader in vision system software–and can create a custom system that dramatically improves your operations. While industrial & collaborative robots can help with efficiency and productivity of any warehousing operation, there are additional benefits when a vision system is included with that robot.

“In addition to our partnership with Plus One Robotics, we also work closely with Cognex, the world’s leading provider of vision systems, software, sensors, and industrial barcode readers used in manufacturing automation”, said VP of Solutions Dana Poling. “With our ability to also integrate Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) autonomous mobile robots, you’re creating a complete automated system that will increase your output while adding additional layers of safety & efficiency. It’s well-known that robots with vision can be more precise and productive. They can read barcodes and react accordingly. Rather than requiring packages to be perfectly placed in alignment and orientation, a vision system can enable a robot to palletize a variety of packages or pick the correct box off a pallet of assorted products saving significant time.”

Poling continued. “Robotic vision systems are already achieving remarkable results and the use of that technology is continuing to expand. The power of robotic automation has helped thousands of companies achieve greater efficiency and productivity while creating a safer workplace. If you haven’t yet considered integrating vision into your automated systems, perhaps you should. The bottom line is that RōBEX knows and understands vision-driven robotic integration and can help you decide what’s best for your specific operation. We work with hundreds of companies that assemble, package, warehouse and ship a wide variety of goods. Robots with vision are dramatically changing the way they work.”

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    Brandon White

  • DATE

    February 3, 2022

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