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The Future is Autonomous

It’s an undeniable fact that the sheer number of task-oriented autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) is expanding rapidly. This “population growth” is inevitable as technology, and more specifically, robotic technology advances.

The positive impact on virtually every aspect of industrial manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing is apparent: efficiency and productivity are improving. And the growth won’t stop there.

Many experts predict that autonomous mobile robots will become commonplace in hundreds of industries outside of industrial manufacturing workplace applications, such as laboratories, universities, medical centers, retailers, food service, logistics warehouses, and more. It’s true that labor shortages are one factor driving the need for more robotic automation. But even if there was not a labor shortage, autonomous mobile robots would be able to improve speed, efficiency, safety, and productivity while reducing cost.

The continually expanding capabilities of autonomous mobile robots shows to be a very encouraging trend to robotic integrator RōBEX. As an early adaptor, recognized leader, and certified integrator of robots, collaborative robots (cobots), autonomous mobile robots, vision, and conveyor systems, RōBEX works every day to improve clients’ productivity in a variety of industries. They interface daily with established robotic automation leaders, including FANUC industrial and collaborative robots, Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), Seegrid, AutoGuide autonomous mobile robots and PlusOne Robotics vision systems.

Vice President of Growth Cal Bowers explained RōBEX’s vision for how they’re integrating these robots. “RōBEX is a Certified Systems Integrator for Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), Seegrid, and AutoGuide autonomous mobile robots, meaning we can offer clients the best possible autonomous robotic solution to material handling, no matter what that material is. Additionally, FANUC is the world’s leading industrial & collaborative robot manufacturer who we’re also a Certified Systems Integrator of. Because of this, we’ve been able to integrate custom solutions for our customers that can handle multiple repetitive end-of-line tasks in one system. For example, we’ve been able to integrate systems into industrial manufacturing facilities utilizing FANUC CRX collaborative robots for label application to completed pallets of product. Once identification labels are applied, these completed pallets are then picked up by an autonomous mobile robot where they’ll be transported to their destination in a storage warehouse. The use of 2 different styles of robots handling multiple repetitive task brings incredible levels of efficiency & productivity to a customer’s process.”

Bowers contined. “Autonomous mobile robots as well as stationary robots are changing the way businesses view industrial robotic automation. Enormous progress has been made in the past five years as robots have become trusted “co-workers” as they perform many labor-intensive tasks 24/7/365 without breaking a sweat. We know it is only a matter of time before thousands of AMRs will be at work in hospitals, laboratories, universities, retail operations, logistics warehousing, food service delivery, and places we haven’t even thought about. Moving materials and components to where they need to be consistently, quicky and efficiency is a key strength. And the cost may be surprising.”

RōBEX is a fast-growing nationally known certified automation integrator and recognized leader in engineering custom automation systems for customers. If your organization is exploring the possibility of integrating autonomous mobile robots to improve productivity with proven ROI, we encourage you to contact them today.


    Brandon White

  • DATE

    March 24, 2022

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