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Robotics Manufacturer Enhancing Production With Autonomous Mobile Robots

RōBEX, the industry’s leading robotic automation integrator, navigates us until the future with cutting edge technology.

According to an OSHA statistic, 11% of forklifts in the United States will be involved in an accident each year. This number is coupled with over 395,000 workplace injuries occurring in manufacturing plants (another statistic provided by OSHA in 2020*). These statistics become particularly concerning for large manufacturers and warehousing businesses with 10 or more forklifts because it means some form of accident will occur annually. Employees, labor, production, and financials all feel the effects of such accidents.

As consumer demand increases resulting in larger production schedules, these statistics become a more prevalent reality to businesses signaling a need for change. That change comes in the form of the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR).

RōBEX could see the needs our customers had in this realm and sought out ways to help improve this process. This led to our partnerships with Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). As 1 of only 7 Certified Systems Integrators of these Autonomous Mobile Robots in the United Sates, we’ve been able to help companies address material handling in a way that benefits both the employee AND the business alike. The ability to safely transport raw materials & pallets of finished product autonomously gains manufacturers a multitude of benefits:

-Mitigate the risk of injury to employees and damage to property

-Reduce costs. You’re eliminating additional fork trucks on the production floor and all things that come along with that (repairs, fuel, etc.)

-Gain back valuable real estate by using these smaller, more efficient robots. Eliminate the need for excess conveyor

Finding ways to improve the safety of your production floor with automated robotic systems, while also improving efficiency & productivity can ALL be achieved through automation. Implementing Autonomous Mobile Robots onto your floor is a clear path to all the aforementioned needs. Move finished/palletized product, raw materials, dunnage…and do it all with a reliable, safe technology designed to improve material handling.

Transferring product throughout your facility with safety & efficiency is a priority. With RōBEX’s precision expertise, a customized system will be integrated into YOUR facility allowing you to enhance your production process. Value-added automation is right at your fingertips.

To find out more about Mobile Industrial Robots robots (as well as AutoGuide Mobile Robots who we are also a Certified Systems Integrator of), email us:


    Brandon White

  • DATE

    August 11, 2021

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