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Robotic Labeling Systems Improving Repetitive Tasks in Manufacturing

Meet the Fanuc CRX collaborative robot and the autonomous labeling application designed by automation integrator RōBEX, upgrading how manufacturers handle repetitive tasks.

As a Certified Systems Integrator of FANUC robotics, U.S. based automation integrator RōBEX has had the esteemed privilege of designing several differing collaborative robotic systems into manufacturer’s facilities. These collaborative robots afford you the ability to automate aspects of the production & material handling that your team members can safely work alongside. Label application, case erecting, palletizing & many more repetitive tasks automated to your specific needs with a RōBEX-designed custom robotic solution. The combination of these premium collaborative robots and RōBEX’s precision expertise all lead to providing manufacturers with maximized productivity.

At present time, industrial manufacturers are assessing their production process in a post-pandemic setting. One thing has become increasingly clear: Autonomous robotic systems & automation has now become a need rather than a want. The first aspects often evaluated are the repetitive and (potentially) dangerous elements of the manufacturing facility. These tasks tend to be simplistic & manual. One such example of that is label application and RōBEX has created a solution utilizing the FANUC CRX collaborative robot.

The FANUC CRX collaborative robot has become a favorite amongst manufacturers, specifically when outfitted with the RōBEX label applicator solution. These easy-to-program collaborative robots automate manual tasks while increasing safety and flexibility. It’s a small, lightweight, versatile robot capable of improving your production without making a large footprint on your floor. By automating label application with VALUE-ADDED technology, you’re able to utilize employee’s skillsets in more crucial positions. Additionally, automating label application gives you consistency in the final stage of your production process with the desired efficiency needed to enhance your bottom line.

RōBEX is excited to discuss how collaborative robots & label application can help you. The team brings 250+ years of combined experience in robotics and engineering to the manufacturing world. Our dedicated team of experts will design a system customized to your specific requirements, working directly with you every step of the way. If you’re interested in discussing how these robots (as well as many others) can help improve your process, email us:


    Brandon White

  • DATE

    August 11, 2021

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