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RōBEX Merges With Acieta to Provide Advanced Automation Systems

RōBEX has integrated with Acieta—a leader in both standard and customized robotic automation systems—to provide manufacturers with innovative solutions and support. Acieta, a leading robotics integrator with over 80 years of combined experience, joins RōBEX, +Vantage Corporation, and Mid-State Engineering to elevate its offerings of both standard and customized robotics solutions for customers.

Our combined companies bring unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions to manufacturers, driving enhanced automation and operational efficiency, ensuring they stay competitive and thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Combining our talent, technical expertise, and product offerings makes Acieta an automation powerhouse, empowering manufacturers to shape their future with cutting-edge automation solutions. With world-class automation solutions, service, and consulting for robotic automation systems, Acieta is ready to help you excel and maximize manufacturing.

Industry Leaders for Advanced Robotic Automation Systems

An engineer works on a yellow robot.The merger between Acieta and these prominent industry leaders marks a monumental collaboration within their respective fields.

RōBEX stands at the forefront of robotic manufacturing integration and custom automation solutions, offering services that significantly enhance safety protocols and productivity for its customers. These include industrial robots, collaborative robots (cobots), and robotic integration solutions.

With an exceptional reputation for innovation and technical expertise, +Vantage Corporation specializes in the seamless integration of inspection, measurement, and assembly systems. Their contributions are invaluable in driving advancements within the industry.

Mid-State Engineering boasts expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering in addition to their exceptional in-house fabrication and welding capabilities. Their ability to craft custom-engineered solutions is only surpassed by their unrivaled proficiency in traceability, part-making, panel fabrication, and vision systems.

The consolidation of these exceptional companies places Acieta in an even stronger position, enabling us to deliver comprehensive automation services, industry expertise, and innovative resources. With our expanded capabilities, Acieta is ready to effectively cater to a wider range of industries, providing them with custom solutions that meet their unique needs, propel their growth, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce operating costs.

Introducing Acieta: Your Automation Powerhouse

Engineers examine a yellow robot arm.Since its inception in 1983, Acieta has understood the value of robotic automation systems for manufacturers in various industries. As technology has evolved over the years, Acieta has remained at the forefront of helping manufacturers leverage the robotic solutions they need for enhanced productivity and safety, lower operating costs, and a competitive advantage.

Acieta is proud to be among less than 2% of robotics integrators authorized as a FANUC Authorized System Integrator, Certified Vision Specialist, and Certified Serving Integrator. Our technicians have received extensive training and passed rigorous testing to become experts at cutting-edge robotic solutions.

Integrating with RōBEX empowers Acieta to elevate your operations and provide you with an automation edge to excel. From completing repetitive tasks to enhancing your return on investment and reducing your reliance on manual labor, robotic process automation is poised to transform the way you manufacture.

“The integration of our teams and our cutting-edge solutions are transformative milestones for us,” said Corwin Carson, Chief Commercial Officer at Acieta. “We are poised to redefine industry standards and empower manufacturers with solutions that tackle the complexities of today’s production challenges.”

Discover Your Automation Edge With Acieta

Innovate to get ahead, integrate for seamless efficiency, and dominate your market with robotic automation systems. Let us help you not just prepare for the future but forge it with the right solutions and support. Discover your automation edge by contacting Acieta today.


    Brandon White

  • DATE

    July 2, 2024

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