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RōBEX Introduces Groundbreaking Case Picking and Palletizing System in Collaboration with Colbert Packaging

Introducing a Powerhouse Collaboration

Robotic layered dunnage robot RōBEX unveiled a state-of-the-art solution with Colbert Packaging, a high-volume manufacturer of sustainable paper-based packaging, to reimagine the picking and packing process in operations. Using robotic palletizers, this new system exemplifies the fusion of RōBEX’s technological expertise with the hands-on industry experience of Colbert Packaging. This collaboration sets a new benchmark for ergonomics and the efficiency of palletization.

Reflecting on the joint venture, Rob Johnson, RōBEX’s Director of National Accounts, shared, “This collaboration with Colbert was both challenging and inspiring. Together, we’ve managed to craft a solution that optimizes palletizing operations, addressing existing challenges and paving the way for future innovations.”

Colbert Packaging’s Core Challenges

At Colbert, labor availability has historically been limited. This is due to the relatively rural location of the facility in addition to competing with other businesses for entry point labor. On certain days, production can be impacted due to labor constraints, impacting Colbert’s ability to fully utilize capital equipment.

Add to this the rigors of manually handling products weighing as much as 50 pounds and the necessity of precise product tracking for quality assurance, and their challenges become evident. RōBEX’s latest innovation is specifically designed to address these pain points.

Collaborating Resulted in Skillful Solutions by RōBEX

CAD Drawing of a RōBEX Robotic PalletizerDeveloping this system was a complex task, given Colbert’s diverse needs. The solution needed the capability to pick and place multiple style cases. Colbert also needed to manage multiple distinct tier sheets and four pallet types. RōBEX’s extensive expertise and innovative design approach led to the creation of a unique End-of-Arm Tool (EOAT) that proficiently handles all requirements.

In close partnership with Colbert Packaging, the RōBEX sales team co-developed an accurate plant blueprint, going through several iterations to ensure the optimal placement of the proposed equipment. Prior to finalizing the purchase, meticulous cycle time calculations were conducted. The final equipment not only meets the desired specs, but actually surpasses the estimated rate with available future capacity to match future Colbert investments.

Key Features of the Final Implementation by RōBEX

With an unwavering commitment to innovation and tailored solutions, RōBEX has carefully crafted a suite of features to revolutionize Colbert Packaging’s warehouse operations:

  • Multifunctional Pallet Handling – The system adeptly picks and places multiple/various distinct pallet types concurrently. This adaptability allows for smoother transitions between various pallet types, optimizing the workflow and reducing system downtime. Efficient pallet loading and alignment is essential for smooth operations, and with RōBEX’s new system, every pallet pack is done with precision.
  • Automated Labeling – Cases are efficiently labeled and placed onto pallets, with the added functionality of inverting cases as necessary. This dual-function ensures products are correctly oriented for palletizing, shipping and storage, streamlining subsequent handling stages and meeting the various customer specifications.
  • Superior Tracking Capabilities – Integration of sequential barcodes on each pallet ensures meticulous lot control and product traceability. This level of detail provides controls for Colbert and their customers.
  • Safety First – By taking on the burden of heavy lifting, the automated picking and packing system not only safeguards the health and safety of workers, but also minimizes the risk of workplace injuries. This fosters a more sustainable work environment, decreasing physical strain, reducing staff turnover, and offering alternative options for associates.

Words from Colbert

“Our pharmaceutical and consumer goods customers expect their secondary packaging supplier to invest in technology to maximize capacity and capabilities, and improve quality and responsiveness,” says Colbert President & COO John Lackner. “In keeping with the ‘Expect Innovation’ theme at Pack Expo this year, we look forward to introducing and utilizing this innovative investment in technology to enhance our operations and our customer experience.”

Learn More About RōBEX and Colbert Packaging

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Engage with RōBEX – Born from the merger of three industry titans–RōBEX, +Vantage Corporation, and Mid-State Engineering–this company is a formidable force in industrial robot integration. With expertise spanning pivotal sectors like automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, and Pick/Pack/Palletizing, RōBEX has emerged as a market front-runner in its niche. If streamlining and optimizing your warehouse operations align with your vision, reach out to RōBEX.

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Discover More – A family-owned Midwest gem and dynamic leader in sustainable paper-based packaging, Colbert Packaging has served the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and consumer goods industries with an unwavering commitment since 1959. Dive deeper into the history, values, and innovative solutions offered by Colbert Packaging.


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    September 7, 2023

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