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It’s been observed that opposites attract, yet similarities form the bond that strengthens a solid working relationship. Strong, silent types have always held a certain allure and mystery.

Confidently quiet and relentlessly hard-working, industrial collaborative robots are quickly becoming ideal co-workers for labor intensive assembly, packaging, and processing environments.

As today’s workforce evolves, the introduction of collaborative robots (cobots) is a near-perfect solution to ongoing labor shortages within the industrial manufacturing space. They bring an impressive list of benefits as “co-workers”. Collaborative robots are safe, easily trained, and adaptable for new tasks, and work 24/7. It’s no wonder that industrywide demand for collaborative robots is accelerating rapidly.

As a Certified Systems Integrator for FANUC, Ohio-based RōBEX is thrilled with their recent introduction of several new collaborative robots. “FANUC has over 40 years of robotic manufacturing expertise and more than 100 robot models which help us help our clients achieve productivity goals” explained President & COO Craig Francisco. “The new CRX line of collaborative robots is nothing short of amazing. The expansion of the collaborative robots varying in size & payload capabilities opens a new scope of possibility to companies looking to integrate robotic automation safe enough to work alongside their team.”

All five models in the new FANUC CRX collaborative robot line offer repeatability and easy drag & drop programming. They all run on standard 120v power and have a very small footprint. Because of their capability to work alongside personnel, your robotic cell is reduced in size. This means your robotic system will not require safety fencing, which is a necessity when integrating industrial robots to your production process. They are safe, flexible, easy to install, program and extremely reliable, offering 8 years of maintenance free operation.

Each of five FANUC CRX models offers a different capability and payload. The smallest model is the CRX-5iA with a 5kg (11 lbs) payload and 994mm (39.13”) reach. The largest is the CRX-25iA with a 25kg (55 lbs) payload and a reach of 1,889mm (74.4”). As is evident in the aforementioned information from RōBEX, the use of collaborative robots will expand greatly with a very large number of new applications in not only manufacturing, but other environments as well.

Collaborative robots are typically the first step towards broader automation integration—a way to see what robots can accomplish doing tedious, repetitive tasks. Compared to larger industrial robots, they don’t need protective fencing which takes up valuable floor space. And with minimal training, your staff can handle programming. Best of all, collaborative robots often pay for themselves in 12 months via labor savings and increased productivity.

RōBEX is a certified automation integrator for FANUC–the recognized global leader in industrial and collaborative robotics and automated systems. Their constant goal is to help optimize your manufacturing, processing, assembly and packaging operations. To learn more about how these strong silent types can help improve your bottom line, contact them today.


    Brandon White

  • DATE

    March 24, 2022

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