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Mobile Robot Growth in Manufacturing Industry

Autonomous Mobile Robots will see major growth in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdown of several industrial manufacturing companies.

The long-reaching effects of a global pandemic were felt within manufacturing & supply chain in a major way in 2020. In the wake of consumer demand reaching all-time highs, automation and autonomous mobile robots are also seeing an increase in demand. 20,000 mobile robots were shipped out to customers last year. Autonomous mobile robot growth is expecting to see that number rise, with $7 billion in sales forecasted for 2022. Multiple factors are driving this demand.

  • Labor issues: A combination of shutdowns, lack of available employees, necessary social distancing has led to difficulties filling positions for many companies
  • Safety: The average forklift operator makes $20-25 an hour. Coupled with insurance, repair/maintenance fees, and inevitability of accidents occurring
  • Demand: Simply put, the increase in consumer demand means a necessary increase in the AMOUNT product needing manufactured

These ingredients have created a recipe perfect for industrial automation and as we’ve read in the statistics above, businesses are partaking. Autonomous Mobile Robotics manufacturer Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) offer a product line of robots that are already enhancing companies in a wide range of fields (medical facilities, warehousing, etc.) all over the globe. Through U.S. based Certified Systems Integrators, RōBEX, autonomous mobile robots are helping to improve the manufacturing industry, specifically as it pertains to food & beverage packaging. RōBEX is one of only a handful of integrators in the United States for Mobile Industrial Robots. They’re also (at present time) the only Certified Systems Integrator of 4 of the leading automation companies in the world: FANUC Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots, AutoGuide Mobile Robots, and Plus One Robotics. They’re seeing a great deal of interest in Autonomous Mobile Robots in the manufacturing world, as their customer base realized the true value of these robots after feeling the effects of COVID-19.

“One of the primary discussions we have with our customers in the industrial manufacturing space is return on investment as it relates to the solutions we develop for their automation needs,” said RōBEX Vice President of Growth Cal Bowers in a recent discussion. “Workforce and consumer demand are the largest factors in these discussions because they drive the current & future business planning, while also having the biggest impact on positive revenue. The expertise RōBEX brings to industrial manufacturing (250+ years of combined robotics & engineering experience), in addition to working with companies of various shapes & sizes across the country, our robotic solutions are helping these businesses in manufacturing plan for the future and realizing their return on investment through automation.”

The automation of material handling, dunnage, transport of completed & palletized product (throughout a manufacturing plant and into warehouses) give those companies in the manufacturing space the ability to enhance the safety & productivity of their facilities while utilizing their workforce in a more crucial element of their production. Autonomous repetitive tasks lead to continued growth and evolution in manufacturing.

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    Brandon White

  • DATE

    August 17, 2021

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