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Why You Need Integrated Metrology in Your Manufacturing Processes

What is Metrology?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the broadest definition of metrology is as follows: “Metrology is the science of measurement, embracing both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology.”

Once you zoom in, you can see that metrology solutions impact every area of everyday life.

As the NCBI additionally states, utilizing metrology “reduces waste, allows trade, enables infrastructure to function, technology to advance, the economy to prosper, encourages global agreement, collaboration and trade, and ensures our ongoing health and safety and quality of life.”

The important measurements that we depend on for transactions, communication, education, travel and more necessitate that there is some universally accepted standard.

Metrology is that overarching “thing” that creates structure wherever precise and consistent measurement is necessary.

To further illustrate this point, here is a short and interesting video on what would happen if there were no metrology.

While this video is an oversimplification of the larger field of metrology, the main points are clear, and the applications are similar.

Why Metrology Solutions are Important in General

As we have seen, precise measurement in any context is essential. However, precision without consistency can lead to chaos (or at the very least, confusion).

For any business trying to meet customer demands and the needs of the market, there can be no room for error. No business will survive in a tightening economic environment if they have to repeat tasks and functions that should only be done once. Those additional efforts would be a colossal waste of precious time and resources.

Setting and maintaining standards is how one can guard against reduced quality and waste. Integrating metrology solutions ensures your standard measurements are accurate. This is essential because even though your production may be consistent, if your product specs are consistently incorrect, that’s immensely bad for business.

Keeping Businesses Competitive

The future has become the present. Technology is both the great equalizer and the market distinguisher. More and more customers across more and more industries are demanding customization and quality. With increased demands, modern businesses cannot absorb an abundance of mistakes or brush off an influx in returns due to inadequate quality. Wherever there is a deficiency, a competitor will quickly pick up whatever ball has been dropped.

You can’t just be good, You must be consistently good. Consequently, as has noted, “What’s needed is in-process metrology that is easily reconfigurable or collects mass-data. That spells the end of custom gaging and more CMMs, more scanners and vision systems.”

Businesses must be able to adapt, but they also need to be consistent with the product outcomes. It’s no longer an option to choose one or the other, you must be able to do both. This inevitably requires integrating new technologies.

Why Metrology Solutions are Important Specifically to You

Correct measurements and a consistent measuring system are essential for business innovation. However, when you cross into the field of metrology, you will interact with data. Powerful data streams are needed to drive more efficient manufacturing processes. Consequently, when we talk about “automated inspection in manufacturing” or “advanced metrology solutions,” we must include data collection and processing in that discussion.

For your business to be successful, you must be able to quickly collect, process, and interpret data. When it comes to process improvement, one of the most valuable benefits of automatic inspection systems is seeing real-time changes in the production line. In other words, being able to see the entire picture and to compare what is happening to what should be happening is an unquestionable competitive advantage.

The Power of Integrated Metrology

In-line measurement makes you more efficient and more accurate at tracking micron-scale changes. If production is off slightly, that could spell disaster for precision components. Micron metrology, and metrology solutions in general, enable the right starting point so a good standard is set for the rest of the production line to follow.

If any production stage is ever off at any time, it can be massively problematic. That’s why +Vantage’s systems are designed with integrated metrology. This allows for real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) data collection, with a fully integrated suite for data collection and gage control. All of this feeds into your Factory Information System and is ANSI/ISO standard compliant.

For the absolute best results, you will need factory information systems that track and visualize vital production functions, ensuring compatibility with your metrology standards. There is real power in instantly tracking every part of your process and having that information in your hands.

How RōBEX Can Help with Metrology Integration

All RōBEX machines and cells can be manufactured with any PLC, (Allen-Bradley, Siemens, etc.) or with our standard PLC/Inspection software.

Our Real-Time Gage Controller (RTGC) includes a graphical display of the press results, in-process monitoring, live measurement readings, Real-Time Statistical Process Control (SPC) for histograms, X-Bar & R Charts, as well as sub-group-based results.

Every machine has available data storage and output via standard Ethernet or USB interface, with optional Q-DAS, Excel, and ASCII outputs.

Watch this short Automatic Differential Carrier Gage video for more on how RōBEX can integrate metrology solutions. You’ll see how the Inline Post-CNC Differential Carrier Gage is robot fed immediately following the CNC operation. This gage checks the ID of the part at two levels, and measures the depth of the bore and thickness of the flange using contact and non-contact metrology.

Learn more about RōBEX

+Vantage has been a trusted partner worldwide for more than 15 years. We welcome the opportunity to design a custom system to meet your manufacturing and metrology challenges. We can help implement turnkey automation systems and other improvements to your manufacturing line to help with overall operational efficiency. If you are ready to introduce more robust automation technologies into your manufacturing line, we are an automation company you can trust.

From battery assembly to aerospace/automotive assembly automation, we tailor our approach to meet your needs. No matter the size of your business, our experts will work with you to find the most effective system to streamline your process and increase your productivity.

Learn more about the RōBEX approach and how we can help with your metrology solutions.

Download our “RōBEX Process” Infographic!


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