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Manufacturers Turning to Automation for Safety & Growth in 2022

Industry forecasts for 2022 indicate that manufacturers will continue embracing industrial robotics and automation at an unprecedented rate as productivity demands, labor shortages, and cost reduction drive the need for fresh approaches. This “perfect storm” on manufacturing & warehousing floors has been developing for years. Thankfully, today there is no shortage of proven robotic automation solutions to meet the challenge.

In addition to economic experts and Wall Street, leadership within the manufacturing industry know that robotics and automation have very positive effects on profitability and worker safety. Capital funding is often an issue, but as studies show, investments in automation pay off relatively quickly. As an experienced, certified integrator of advanced automation and robotic systems, companies like Perrysburg OH’s RōBEX are bridging that gap for customers by designing, engineering, and installing customized systems in industrial manufacturing, warehousing, packaging, eCommerce, and beyond.

It’s an undeniable fact that industrial manufacturing has entered a new era of digital technology and interconnectivity.This integration is enabling smart technology, machine learning and instant data to revolutionize business operations at multiple levels. We know much more at every step of a production process and we know it instantly, in real time, enabling faster decision-making and growth.

Worker safety remains a critically important element in all manufacturing operations. By using (industrial, collaborative, and autonomous mobile) robots to perform mundane repetitive production functions, workers can be re-deployed to perform higher skill-leveled tasks. It’s a proven fact that robotics and automation create a much safer work environment while dramatically increasing productivity and bottom-line results.

Any manufacturing company that is focused on growth, understands that automation is the way forward. Interconnected smart machines provide not only productivity information but monitor maintenance needs, so there’s never a surprise stoppage. It also allows for better supply chain management and optimization to gain production efficiencies. RōBEX President Craig Francisco explains.

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    Brandon White

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    November 18, 2021

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