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Logistics & Robotic Technology Bridging the Gap

Retail customers/consumers & industrial manufacturers now have something in common they did not previously- they’re hooked on immediacy and convenience.

This can be attributed to many things, but a few key contributors are the major components, that being Amazon & the ever-growing world of eCommerce. For continued success, manufacturers know that speed and flexibility are essential. We all know that millions of products, components, and parts are in short supply, but the situation is (slowly) improving. We could commiserate about supply chain woes, but let’s look ahead.

It’s the perfect time to imagine and learn about better ways of managing your warehousing and inventory. Driven by the explosive growth of ecommerce, 3PLs are expected to be a $1.3 trillion industry by 2024. Industrial manufacturers are also experiencing expansive growth and a push toward automation and collaborative robotic technologies is projected. Workforce issues will likely continue to be challenging for some time and industrial manufacturers already invested in robotic automation are a step ahead.

One of the major benefits to robotic automation is the ability to transition robots for different tasks. Smart warehousing is increasingly important, and robots are the logical choice to optimize post-production operations.

One company in Perrysburg Ohio is putting their resources towards improving this for multiple industries. Robotic automation integrator RōBEX is well-versed in the world improved efficiencies. They’re a certified systems integrator of automated systems that often include industrial & collaborative robotics, smart conveyors, and autonomous mobile robots. As an innovative, engineering-based company, they’re creating customized solutions that may include FANUC® robots and cobots, MiR autonomous mobile robots, AutoGuide autonomous forklifts and the fastest, most reliable vision software for material handling by Plus One Robotics.

With several models to choose from, autonomous mobile robots can easily deliver bins, boxes, carts, and pallets to where you need them. Manufacturers realize the ongoing benefits of safety, productivity, and lower costs.

“For manufacturers, the objective of improving coordination never ends”, says RōBEX President Craig Francisco. Customers at all levels are demanding speed and convenience. It may be several months before the supply chain recovers. Meanwhile, contact RōBEX to learn how we might help you optimize logistics today. Contact us at 419-270-0770 or email:


    Brandon White

  • DATE

    November 19, 2021

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