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Integrating Advanced Technology in Manufacturing & Beyond

More than simply industry buzzwords, it’s a fact that the integration of advanced robotic technology—including industrial automation—dramatically improves worker engagement and bottom-line productivity.

In fact, the entire industrial landscape and business model has been affected, with hundreds of impressive success stories being told in manufacturing and warehousing sectors. Now may be the best time for you to implement robotic automation, experts say.

The concept of automation is nothing new, nor is it solely for larger enterprises. Productivity improvements, labor shortages, supply chain interruptions and cost reduction strategies are driving the need. With many thousands of robotic and automation options available (be it industrial, collaborative, or autonomous mobile robots), most decision-makers know that selection of the “right” automation integration firm is critical.

The key word is “right”. For perspective, the total U.S. market for industrial robotic integration was $31.5 billion in 2020 with more than 400 robotic integrators. The top 100 integrators have about two-thirds of the market, working with huge global manufacturing and distribution companies.

But of the 300 mid-size automation integrators, at least one will be the right fit for you and your company. So where do you start?Begin by listing the kind of applications you envision; processes to streamline. That (and the many discussions and review that follow) will lead to the exact automation solution that will add the most value to your operation. You may want to “hire” robots for labor-intensive tasks like palletizing, depalletizing, packing, wrapping, or moving raw materials from one location to another, loading pallets into trailers or one of dozens of others.

“At RōBEX our continual objective is to add value. Our people have designed, engineered, manufactured, programmed, integrated, and installed hundreds of robotic and automated systems in the past decade. We have the manufacturing and warehousing expertise to help dramatically improve productivity, safety, and worker morale”, explains Vice President of Growth, Cal Bowers. RōBEX is a precision robotic automation integrator based in Perrysburg, OH. Since 2015, RōBEX has assembled an all-star team of engineers with a united goal of advancing manufacturing and warehousing through customized robotic automation. They’re Certified Systems Integrators for FANUC, Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), AutoGuide, and Plus One Robotics.

Digital technology, interconnectivity, machine learning and instant data are revolutionizing business operations at multiple levels. As an experienced, certified integrator of advanced automation and robotic systems, RōBEX is designing customized robotic automation systems tailored to their customers specific production needs, while helping them understand the process along the way. This allows companies to know more at every step of production, in real time, for faster decision-making.

RōBEX is an innovative, robotic automation engineering-based company that works to optimize your processes. Our core mission is to help manufacturers improve safety and productivity through automation. Engage RōBEX today to capitalize on advanced technology and enhanced worker safety.

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    Brandon White

  • DATE

    January 5, 2022

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