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The FANUC CRX Cobot Handles Your Robot Label Applicator Needs

How Robotic Labeling Systems Improve Repetitive Tasks in Manufacturing

A green and white FANUC CRX collaborative robot arm.

Robotic labeling systems have become increasingly popular in the manufacturing industry due to their ability to significantly streamline repetitive tasks. These systems utilize advanced technology and automation to reduce the need for manual labor and avoid human error. By automating this task, manufacturers can save time, reduce the risk of errors, and improve overall productivity.

The FANUC CRX cobot is one machine that improves repetitive labeling tasks in manufacturing. As a Certified Systems Integrator of FANUC robotics, U.S.-based automation integrator RōBEX has had the privilege of designing several differing collaborative robotic systems for manufacturer’s facilities, including for repetitive tasks such as label application. Here’s how FANUC CRX collaborative robots can improve repetitive tasks in manufacturing environments.

How Collaborative Robots in Manufacturing Are Helping Companies Overcome Challenges

Autonomous robotic systems have now become a requirement rather than simply an option. Collaborative and industrial robots help companies overcome common challenges, such as repetitive and potentially dangerous tasks. These tasks tend to be simplistic and manual. One such example is label application, and RōBEX has created a solution utilizing the FANUC CRX cobot.

Enhanced Labeling Speed and Accuracy

One of the biggest advantages of robotic labeling systems, such as those using the CRX, is their speed and accuracy. These systems are designed to label products at a much faster rate than their human counterparts, ensuring a high level of productivity.

Consistent Labeling for Reduced Errors

Additionally, robotic labeling systems are capable of applying labels with precision and consistency, minimizing the chances of mislabeled items or misplaced labels. This not only improves the overall quality of the products, but also reduces the possibility of rework or customer complaints.

Versatile Robotic Solutions With Simple Integration

Robotic labeling systems are also highly versatile and can be easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes for industrial applications with the right arm tooling. They can handle a wide range of labels, including barcode labels, QR codes, product identification labels, and even tamper-evident seals. This flexibility allows manufacturers to label various products regardless of shape, size, or material.

Enhance Safety and Labor Shortage Resilience

Two FANUC CRX collaborative robots waiting for a pallet to apply labels

By eliminating the need for manual labeling, manufacturers can also repurpose their workforce to more complex and value-added tasks, such as quality control or innovation.

In addition to improving efficiency and accuracy, robotic automation using the FANUC cobot also enhances workplace safety. Repetitive labeling tasks can lead to strain, fatigue, and even injuries among workers. By automating this task, manufacturers can alleviate the physical strain on employees, reducing the risk of injuries, and building resilience against labor shortages. That’s the power of automation with leading robot manufacturers.

What Makes the FANUC Cobot Different?

The FANUC CRX cobot has become a favorite among manufacturers for repetitive tasks such as applying labels, specifically when outfitted with the RōBEX label applicator solution.

Our easy-to-program collaborative robots automate manual tasks while increasing safety and flexibility. These small, lightweight, and versatile robots are capable of increasing productivity with a compact design for industrial applications.

Known for their renowned reliability, modern design, and intelligent features, FANUC CRX is a worthy choice for your robot label applicator needs. It’s also an excellent robot for companies that are new to robotics applications, as it has a simple programming interface, sensitive contact detection, and proven reliability.

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    December 15, 2023

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