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Autonomous Mobile Robots Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Forward-thinking leaders in the healthcare industry know that robotic automation can bring increased productivity and safety to their operations. As hospitals and healthcare systems struggle with the ongoing effects of the pandemic—increased hospitalizations, limited ICU beds, a shortage of nurses and medical professionals—it’s worth looking at how automation might help.

Sophisticated robots like the DaVinci® surgical assistant system and groundbreaking exoskeletons are examples of the most advanced forms of medical automation. Those collaborative robots are precision-designed, purpose-built and very expensive at this time.But costs will no doubt come down over time.

But there are many other robotic automation alternatives that can help free staff from menial tasks to focus on patient care. Larger multi-location Integrated Delivery Systems are already using automation for a variety of tasks. Today’s autonomous mobile robots can deliver critical equipment, supplies, laundry, meals and even meds to free up staff time.

Many of these automated systems and robots can be easily programmed and re-programmed for multiple uses. And, of course, they operate 24/7/365 without taking a break…except to recharge themselves. As an experienced, certified integrator of advanced automation and robotic systems, RōBEX is designing, engineering, and installing custom robotic systems to customers in a multitude of industries (manufacturing, warehousing, packaging) and see the medical field as having a vital need for autonomous mobile robots.

RōBEX is an innovative robotic & automation engineering-based company with customized robotic systems that dramatically optimize productivity. “Staff safety has always been critically important. But by using autonomous mobile robots to perform mundane repetitive tasks, healthcare workers can be re-deployed to direct patient care. Robotics and automation can dramatically increase patient satisfaction, staff productivity and overall results”, said Vice President of Growth Cal Bowers.

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    Brandon White

  • DATE

    December 14, 2021

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