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Automating the Cleaning Industry

It’s no surprise to anyone that manufacturers of cleaning and disinfecting products saw consumer demand explode during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

As production ramped up, supply chain hiccups and labor shortages were problems that needed to be quickly addressed. The unsurprising solution was to expand the use of robotic automation in the production process.

Industrial robotic automation of the “pick, pack and palletize” variety continues to free up employees to perform more valuable work, while increasing productivity at lower cost within the manufacturing & warehousing space. The specific challenge for cleaning products companies is not a new situation for robotics integrator RōBEX. They began working directly with several well-known “cleaning” brands even before the pandemic arrived.

RōBEX is based in Perrysburg OH. This talented, experienced Certified Systems Integrator has enjoyed continuous significant growth in robotic automation integration, even starting the year off with several major announcements on their own brand expansion. This growth is underscored by the success their industrial manufacturing clients enjoy in the cleaning products industry and elsewhere. “As problem-solvers, our approach has always been to re-think workflows with the end goal of improving productivity. Our success has come via the application of robotic automation technologies to optimize processes and improve efficiencies”, RōBEX President & COO Craig Francisco recently shared.

He continued. “For manufacturers of disinfecting products, a comprehensive, complete automation system makes solid economic sense and typically results in a much safer, more productive workplace. When we say complete, we view a customer’s production process as one that we can fully automate their end of line. This means improving material handling by the integration of FANUC industrial and collaborative robots, purpose-built conveyors as well as autonomous mobile robots (AMR) to move raw and finished materials. In this field, we have multiple robotic partners to fit your needs ranging from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), to Seegrid, to AutoGuide. Bottom line-we have the capabilities to fit your exact needs.”

RōBEX has tremendous engineering expertise with a focus on innovation. While the manufacturing of bleach, sanitizers and cleaning products follow well-established recipes and guidelines, today’s workforce and environment is driven by automation and digital technology. As a manufacturing partner, they work to improve the process, enhance worker safety, improve productivity and ROI.

RōBEX is a nationally-known certified automation integrator that has doubled its revenues in the past year.Their focus is to optimize manufacturing processes through robotic automation, analyzing workflow on behalf of customers that manufacture, assemble, package, warehouse and ship a wide variety of goods.

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    Brandon White

  • DATE

    March 18, 2022

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