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8 Tips for Robotic Systems Integration – Getting Ready for MiR

Plan for a Successful MiR Integration With These 8 Helpful Tips

Supervisor overseeing autonomous mobile robots in a manufacturing facility, highlighting seamless human-robot collaboration.

A wave of automation is sweeping through warehouses and manufacturing facilities around the country. Robotic systems integration has been nothing short of revolutionary for the industry. Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), like those manufactured by MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots), are at the forefront of this transformation. AMRs have the capability to streamline inefficient processes, increase productivity, improve material handling, and reshape the way you approach operations in your facilities.

Whether you’re collaborating with a specialized robotic integrator like RōBEX or navigating this path independently, start by laying a solid groundwork for your integration to build upon. You don’t just want to throw any old robots in your facility and hope for the best – careful planning and execution are a must.

In this article, we’ll provide key insights and tips to ensure your warehouse is primed for a seamless and productive integration process.

MiR Integration Use Cases for Manufacturing

AMRs are versatile allies in transforming manufacturing processes, with MiR systems leading the pack with their best-in-class AMRs. These agile robots can optimize various tasks and processes when integrated properly:

  • Successful robotic systems integration fits AMRs into your existing manufacturing layout with environment and route planning.Material Transport – MiR AMRs navigate manufacturing floors to efficiently ferry raw materials (heavy payloads) to production lines. This reduces manual handling risks and efficiently transports material throughout the facility.
  • Inventory Management – The robots can quickly scan RFID tags on shelves to update stock information in real-time. This reduces the risk of stockouts and streamlines the restocking processes.
  • Quality Inspection – AMRs can be equipped with cameras and sensors that can carry out detailed visual assessments of products on assembly lines. This automated inspection process ensures that products leaving your facilities are meeting stringent quality standards.
  • Assembly Assistance – MiR industrial robots can deliver components to assembly stations precisely when needed. Workers don’t need to intervene as often, which reduces the risk of errors and results in a smoother assembly process.
  • Machine Technology – These robots can seamlessly integrate with machine technology, becoming valuable intermediaries in the manufacturing process. They can transport tools and parts to machines, minimizing downtime and keeping your production lines flowing.

8 Essential Tips for Robotic Systems Integration

AMRs (Automated Mobile Robots) efficiently move boxes of products from conveyors while safely navigating obstacles.1. Crawl, Walk, then Run

Begin with a phased approach. Start by identifying and implementing simpler, less risky applications (Crawl). Allow your team time to adapt to the new technology and process flow.

Then you can proceed to more complex tasks (Walk) and eventually, to full-scale operations (Run). This allows you to test and adjust your robotic interactions without putting all operations at risk.

2. Check Wi-Fi & Get IT Buy-In

Check the coverage and stability of your Wi-Fi network. A reliable and fast network is vital for MiR robotic integration. Get your IT department on board, as their expertise is invaluable in addressing potential issues and ensuring that the wireless infrastructure has adequate coverage in all relevant areas.

3. Reassure Employees With Clear Communication

Change can be challenging, especially when it involves automation. Let employees know what to expect, the benefits of robotic integration, and how it will ultimately make their work easier and more efficient.

4. Continuous Training

Your robotic integrator may provide initial training, but it is important to continuously develop the skills of the employees who will interact directly with the robots. Consider workshops and tutorials that can strengthen their skills and confidence for robot collaboration.

5. Choose a Robot Contact

Assign a responsible person as the robot contact within your organization. This individual should be well-trained to handle the mobile industrial robots and serve as the liaison between the robot integrator and your business.

6. Environment & Route Planning

Study your facility’s layout and identify optimal routes for the AMRs. Proper mapping and navigation are crucial for efficient operations. Safety should always be a priority. Ensure robots can navigate around human-operated machinery and other obstacles. Update routes in the event of any plant or process changes.

7. Human-Robot Collaboration

Robots are most effective when they work in harmony with your employees. Design interfaces and analytical dashboards make it easy for humans to interact and collaborate with mobile industrial robots.

8. A Place for Everything & Everything in Its Place

Your facility should be organized to accommodate both humans and robots. An orderly environment minimizes the chances of accidents and increases overall efficiency. Designate docking stations for recharging and staging when the AMRs are not in use.

Consult the Best Robot Integrators Around

As the exclusive USA-certified systems integrator for FANUC and MiR robots, RōBEX sets the gold standard in robotic solutions.

Our expert team collaborates closely with manufacturers to craft tailored MiR integration plans that go beyond mere CAD files. By conducting on-site visits, we gain a nuanced understanding of your facility’s workflow and layout. This enables us to deploy the most suitable MiR robots, empowering your workforce to achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency, safety, and productivity.

If you want to work with the best of the best – choose RōBEX.

Download our free Automation Made Seamless eBook to learn more about how RōBEX’s cutting-edge automation and robotic solutions can work for you.


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