As a certified precision integrator, we design custom robotic systems which bring FANUC® industrial and collaborative robots together with MiR® and AutoGuide™ autonomous mobile robots and the advanced robotic vision systems of Plus One Robotics to improve efficiency, safety and reduce cost. Get to know our people, experience and capabilities and you’ll make RōBEX your preferred automation partner.

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Industrial Robots


As a Certified Integrator for FANUC, we can offer many benefits to customers in the Beverage, Food, Plastic, Building Products and Tissue industries.  Expect comprehensive, innovative, cost effective solutions as RōBEX integrates the power of FANUC automation for you.

Robotic automation will optimize your workflow. Count on RōBEX to design, specify, install and program your FANUC industrial robots.  

  • Palletizing
  • Depalletizing
  • Pick & Place
  • Case Packing
  • Machine Tending
  • Custom Robotic Systems
Fanuc Robotics
Collaborative Robots


Collaborative robots improve employee morale and worker safety by performing repetitive, ergonomically difficult tasks. The RōBEX partnership with FANUC means access to the most extensive line of cobots ever. Eight total models with payloads from 4 kg (8.8 lbs) to 35 kg (77 lbs) improve safety, efficiency and reduce costs.  

For assembly, machine tending, sealing, packing, palletizing and more, FANUC CR and CRX series are dependable workers.  Customers count on RōBEX for innovative, value-added solutions and these cobots deliver.


The FANUC CR Series includes six models:

FANUC Series CR-4iA
CR-4iA with payload of 4 kg (8.8 lbs) & reach of 550 mm  (21.45”)
CR-7iA with payload of 7 kg (15.4 lbs) & reach of 717 mm  (28.0”)
FANUC Series CR-7iAL
CR-7iA/L with payload of 7 kg (15.4 lbs.) & reach of 911 mm  (35.5”)
CR-14iA/L with payload of 14 kg (30.8 lbs)& reach of 911 mm (35.5”)
CR-15iA with payload of 15 kg (33 lbs)& (reach of 1441 mm (56.2”)
Fanuc CR35iA
CR-35iA with payload of 35 kg (77 lbs) & reach of 1813 mm (70.7”)

The FANUC CRX Series features two lightweight compact models:


CRX-10iA has a payload of 10 kg (22 pounds) with a max reach of 1249 mm (49.2 inches) 


CRX-10iA/L has a payload of 10 kg (22 pounds) with a reach of 1418 mm or about 55.8 inches

CRX models feature lightweight compact design for easy integration into workspaces. The smooth external surface facilitates safe work alongside humans. Quick setup, programming and reliability come standard. 

The FANUC CR and CRX series work side by side with people or collaborate with them without the need for external safety devices (in accordance with risk assessment). As a result, customers enjoy more versatility and work ergonomics, improved safety and reduced cost.

Industrial Robots


The RōBEX team knows the beverage, food, plastic, building products and tissue industries and the automation of Material Handling is a major focus. Our industry-leading autonomous mobile robots offer safety, speed, efficiency and flexibility. Bottom line: measurable results and savings. Your factory has never worked safer or better!

Mobile Industrial Robots

As precision integrators of robotics, RōBEX has extensive programming expertise with MiR autonomous mobile robots to safely transport pallets and loads of all sizes. MiR robots optimize workflow, improve productivity, reduce costs, and they plug themselves in for re-charging.  

MiR250 has a smaller footprint and height to move through narrow places with agility and speed while transporting up to 550 lbs (250 kg).
MiR600 is a stronger and safer AMR. The MiR600 is compliant with the highest available robot standards making it superior to other AMRs on the market.
MiR1350 is the most powerful AMR from MiR to date. The MiR1350 is compliant with the highest available robot standards making it superior to other AMRs on the market.
MiR Hook 250
MiR Hook 250 is a faster and more agile base robot along with improved software for the hook this solution is developed to suit your needs in a dynamic factory layout.
AutoGuide Mobile Robots

Our designation as a Certified Integrator for AutoGuide Mobile Robots underscores our commitment to offer customers comprehensive and fully integrated in-plant automation. These revolutionary high payload mobile robots easily transform from pallet stackers, to tuggers or even high bay lifters and are much safer than conventional driver-operated forklifts.


AutoGuide MAX-N Pallet Stacker

The MAX-N Pallet Stacker is an autonomous counterbalanced forklift that can autonomously pick and place pallets from the floor level, trailer decks, conveyors, or racks up to 5 feet high. Standard payload capacity is 1,770 lbs. (800 kg), with a high capacity version for up to 2,650 lbs. (1,200 kg).


AutoGuide MAX-N Tugger

The MAX-N Tugger is an autonomous tow tractor that transports a train of trailers from point to point within industrial facilities. The maximum towing capacity is 15,000 lbs. (4,536 kg).

Already in use at many of world’s leading manufacturers, AutoGuide Mobile Robots offer an impressive ROI and are becoming real game-changers in terms of safety, efficiency and productivity. RōBEX can not only offer AMR technology, but can integrate AMRs with MiR mobile industrial robots for fully robotic transport and delivery across the plant floor.

Among the many features of AutoGuide AMRs: 
  • Quick-Change Machines to match your current needs
  • LIDAR Driverless Navigation eliminates need for tape & RFID tags
  • Onboard Touchscreens for temporary changes to path plans
  • Fast Delivery so new AutoGuide can be installed in 6-8 weeks
  • Centralized Fleet Management capability
  • High Payload Tuggers can move up to 15,000 lbs
Plus One Robotics

Robots that can see and maneuver intelligently offer a transformative range of productivity capabilities for manufacturing and distribution operations. That’s one reason why RōBEX is an automation partner with Plus One Robotics®---the industry leader in high-performing 3D and Artificial Intelligence-powered vision software for logistics robots. 

RōBEX can design and integrate a sophisticated Robot Vision system that substantially improves robotic eye-hand coordination in “pick and place” and depalletizing applications. The wide variety of shapes and sizes typically handled in a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing plant can be easily and reliably addressed. 

Working with Plus One Robotics® enhances RōBEX ability to provide customers with scalable, automated solutions that safely improve productivity and lower costs. The supervised autonomy built into the Plus One system also enables remote management of operations 24/7. 

Plus One Robotics
Plus One Robotics
Plus One Robotics



RōBEX automated solutions are designed to lower costs and increase safety and quality at every step of the manufacturing, finishing, assembly and packaging chain. Our comprehensive capabilities include system design, engineering, custom manufacturing, turnkey installation and workforce training.


RōBEX pallet conveyors can be designed and built to move loads of thousands of pounds to forklift transfers with strength, flexibility and durability.


Size, shape, and distance affect the design of rail cars or transfer cars to move production pieces between stations. We engineer and manufacture. 


RōBEX has propriety chain conveyor designs or can engineer/manufacture a custom solution. Chain conveyors are ideal for moving heavy loads to workstations, machines or palletizing operations.  


Designs vary based on sort rate (30-200 CPM) and whether mechanically or electronically tracked (PLCs, relays, computers.) Automated systems use robotic tracking, stacking and moving.


We design, engineer and build systems to automate palletizing, robotic work cells, order picking and more to improve safety and efficiency.


The ability to stack two pallets and safely maneuver them greatly reduces production/operation time. RōBEX can engineer and manufacture exactly what you need.


We custom-build industrial turntables for in-plant production and packaging. Design is driven by the loading process--rolled, slid or picked--and weight capacity.

RōBEX BandWagon™

Our proprietary transfer machine articulates 90º for 2-way banding and is the safest, most efficient, reliable way to band heavyweight pallets for the glass, plastic and metal container industries.


The innovative engineering team at RōBEX can design and manufacture any in-plant material handling equipment you need. 


All robots and cobots need end-of-arm tools (EOATs) to perform their tasks. RōBEX designs, engineers and builds these custom tools in-house.

RōBEX automated solutions improve safety and productivity while reducing cost. Let’s start a conversation. Call us at 419-270-0770 or email